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Front load washer problems

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Has anyone had problems with your front load washer, if you have one? We got one about 4 months ago. Got it through Aaron's (rent to own) Store. I know, it could cost more in the long run. But we plan to pay it off early so we don't have to pay so much interest. My top loader died after several years, so we decided to upgrade to a front loader. Thinking that it may save on water and the electric. I love it, washes good and it does use less water. Which is great. But the problem I had was, it locked up on me and I couldn't get my clothes out. So we had to have it worked on. They got my clothes out after a day of being locked in the washer. So they work on it and then redeliver it. I was so happy to have it back, that I loaded it up to get caught back up on the laundry again. They had it for 2 weeks to have it serviced. Well it filled up with water,(I mean you could see the water at the top of the door), never did that before. The door flu open and I had a flood on my hands. What a mess. So I call them back and they came back out that day to get it again. They gave me a loaner washer each time. This time I told them that they could keep it. I wasn't going to pay on something that wasn't going to work right. The set that we had was GE front load washer and dryer set. I looked up this model and from what I was reading this model is full of problems. So I ask them to give me another set for the same price, or I wasn't going to buy anything from them again. The next day they offered me another model. This time we got a Frigdire set, and they thru in the pedalstools for free at the same price as the GE. This set works much better. Has anyone else had problems?

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  1. brchbell's Avatar
    Oh! Aren't you a lucky ducky! If you had gone out and bought it outright, you would of been stuck with it! While I greatly dislike rent to own because it costs so very much, this time was a blessing to you! I've only tried one front loader and it leaked constantly and they never could fix it. Took me two years to save up enough to buy a new one to replace it. I vowed to never ever own another front loader!
  2. JoAnn's Avatar
    I have a front loader, and I love it.. I got a GE set and have had no problems with them. I just have to get into the habit of having eveything ready to go into the machine at once. I was used to adding something at the last min. with the top loader..I have really notice a savings too--with soap and water..We didn't purchase the pedalstools, the sales person said that they had been having trouble with that part.. soo Hubby built a raised floor where those two machince go.. I also got the insurance also on the machine.... Good Luck with your new toy lolll../
  3. bcoffey68359's Avatar
    I have no problem with mine either -mine are not GE they are Bosch. And so far I love them .Like Joann my husband also built a nice wooden step to place them on. Bobbi -ne
  4. tsgal's Avatar
    I am much happier with this set that I have now. I must have gotten some lemons before. I just needed to find the right set for us. I do have say that this set doesn't take as long to wash as the other one did. The other set would take an hour and half to wash. This one is 30 to 45 minutes. These front loaders are very nice on the savings part too. I also have saved on water and soap as well. Sure is nice to save alot bit more here and there.
  5. beansthemama's Avatar
    I want one of those so bad, but no I dont have one. Wish I did to give you some advice!