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Kids start in a month. This year is different, my youngest starts Kindergarten It is more expensive with two! I have been buying some here, some there. The school only sent one of the kids supply list, so now I am waiting for the little ones to come in the mail. But what a blessing, my dh won $250.00 in amex giftcards, so that money is going to go towards supplies and clothes. I wanted to get the WII Fit, but it is not about wants it is about needs, isnt it?

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  1. brchbell's Avatar
    My babies are going through the process of deciding what colleges they are interesting in attending. The thought of empty nest in another year or two is gut wrenching! I know what you are going through but it won't get better. 12 years from now you'll be going through it again! I know we got to turn lose sometime but it sure hurts at the time!