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My Weekend

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Well....the weekend has come and gone. Seems like the days are just flying by. I did have 3 dollars on me this weekend so I decided to go out and about in my little town and see what I could find. I know I didn't have much money, but the garage sales around here are usually very reasonable compared to California garage sales, so I went out on a hunt. I did not find any items that struck me as "must haves" so I held on to my money, but I had a great time venturing out...just me and my little guy.

Today, Sunday was pretty uneventful. I did drive with my husband, my 2 middle daughters and my youngest son to the next town over. My daughter Kylie wanted to visit with her cousin so we took her over there. It was a nice little drive and nice to get out of the house for a bit. I went to the store today and when I was checking out at the register, someone had left their coupons that print at the register. I love these as you never know if you will get something free, so I picked them up. Lo and behold, I got a coupon for a free tiny ben and jerrys ice cream and a free vitamin water--YEAHH!! Since money is so tight right now with hubby just beginning his job, this will provide 2 nice little treats.

Tomorrow....I want to list a few more auctions and send out a package from a closed auction.

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  1. brchbell's Avatar
    Sounds like you had a lovely weekend! Some folks can't handle being "broke" but there is so much you can do and enjoy that doesn't cost you a dime! Glad you got to go browse and enjoy your day with your son and then go as a family on your drive together. Sometimes the simple things are the best!