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Getting in the "HABIT"

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As I am sitting here this morning, pondering my upcoming daily activities, I can't help but think what is the best stratagey for becoming the productive and thrifty person that I want and need to be. Since my family arrived here more than a month ago, I have started cooking and cleaning on a daily basis, not only for my family but for my inlaws(as a way of showing my gratitude). l have always liked to have a clean sink, floor, countertop, etc. but getting to that point always seemed so difficult. Am I / was I lazy? Partially yes, but I also think that it comes down to being in a routine. For instance, if I start on day 1 making my bed and putting the dirty clothes in the hamper and continue this behavior each day then I get into a routine and it becomes a habit ...a good habit! Yes, there are days when (especially lately) that I have looked at the dishes and thought, I'll do those later...but I know myself and it is best for me to buckle down and do them right away before they pile up and then I really don't want to do them. I am positive that daily I could come up with dozens of reasons to do a chore later, but for me it is best if I do it right away. It also makes it easier for me to do chores when the task is smaller instead of larger...hence a few dishes is better than a sinkload. I really enjoy the good feelings that come when you can sit back and see how good the area looks when you are done. I can't tell you how many times I was embarrassed to open my front door to guests or how many hours I would have to spend cleaning before a party or get together. How about the times the kids couldn't find clean uniforms to wear to school? I was so guilty of all of this and I felt so bad about it but it seemed to big a mountain to climb at the time. Small steps...small steps and consistency---thats what works for me. I am assuming that I will use the same game plan when it comes to finances. I will need to set a budget (something I am terrible at) and really stick to my spending and saving plan----reviewing it daily would be best for me. As I said before, I am easily swayed by ads offering up enticing products that I could just as easily live without. I have lots to plan and think about and lots of repetition to perform to get my routine the way I want it, but I think I am on a very good track.

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