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well, I was all set to post something completely different when my sister knocks on my door (I was expecting her...she was out running errands and wanted to pick up her Avon order). she walks in with two boxes of items that she had in her attic. when Daddy married wife #4 (my mother was #2 -- Daddy was widowed three times), she decided that she didn't want to live in the house that he and my mother purchased. she wanted a much bigger house (she had four grown children that weren't worth a flip) and wanted them to be able to have their own room -- if necessary;-\ there's lots of nasty details that I'll spare you! when Daddy built a home to her satisfaction and they were getting ready to move, she started tossing stuff -- my sister managed to rescue our mother's ashes along with a few boxes from the basement. she wasn't in the frame of mind to sort through the boxes at the time and just put them in her attic. (oh! this woman also says [now] that she has a trunk of stuff that is probably ours that we can have when she dies...nope...I'm not going there!) anyway, my sister and I were talking about all of the things that we lost after Mama died and how we wish we could have some of the items that were in the, favorite pieces of furniture, etc. apparently, after our conversation, she climbed up to the attic and skimmed a few boxes. she found two that appearred to be predominantly stuff for me. she brought them today! some yearbooks were in there and cards from people I don't even remember knowing! LOL! the school newspapers from my years in high school, school 'letters' that I had earned from sports, medals that I had won, some trophies from my beauty contest competitions (my mother was determined to have a Miss America -- I came close), my trophies for city, state and regional competitions in drama and French, my high school graduation book (I don't think that anyone does that anymore), love letters (hate letters, too) from old boyfriends, and lastly love letters from my first fiance while he was in Vietnam (yeah, I'm that old). I had forgotten what a romantic he was...the schmuck! I can't help but think how different my life would have been had he been able to stand up to his mother. his mother had plans for him to marry someone old money...and she did everything in her power to make me look like the scum of the earth. he ended up marrying her, and my sister decided one day to FIND the guy that she thought of as her 'big brother' and learned that he was a successful engineer married to wife #2. he's retired now and enjoying life. am I bitter? maybe a little bit at the moment (when I look at my current situtation! LOL!). reading all of those letters telling me that I was who he loved and what he wanted...even up to the letter just before he married Mom's choice telling me what he was doing which came as a huge surprise;-\ we lived in different states or I would have pulled a 'Graduate' scene and showed up at the wedding saying 'STOP!' suffice it to say that when I received the letter, they were on their honeymoon. I hadn't thought about him in more than ten years (reunion with some old friends) until today and read all of those letters...three years of letters...
obviously I fell in love again! LOL! I have a beautiful daughter to show for it
now I'm waiting for the rich guy to show up...I married for love, now it's time for MONEY!!!! LOL!

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  1. tsgal's Avatar
    Wow, that's something. Sounds like alot of memories pouring out of you. My mom has always told me that things happen for a reason, we don't always know why. But then again, people make choices too. It's nice to have the memories though.