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boring title, eh? LOL! still trying to get this blogging thing down...I've never down it before and so I don't think about it! I'm thinking about volunteering to be a science resource person at the elementary schools around here. that way I can keep my hand in education. no one's responding to my tutoring guess is that no one can afford tutors right now. Avon's going okay. just got another new customer. if anybody's reading this, the new campaign has started and there's some great make-up and concealer sales in this one

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  1. tsgal's Avatar
    Give it time, somethings have to soak it before people will respond to it.
  2. wilbe95's Avatar
    You are doing a great job with the blogging. It is just putting your thoughts and feelings into words-can really help get over some of the humps out there in life
  3. brchbell's Avatar
    Hope someone lets you do some tutoring. I'm able to go do biology and chemistry labs with students at a local private school. The kids wouldn't get to have labs if I hadn't volunteered to go twice a week and work with them. Always did full labs with my kids at our home school. Haven't worked as a biochemist for almost 20 years so great to be able to share with others and help them out.

    Glad you had time to try out the blogging!