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Photography is one of my favorite past-times and as of late the members in our blogs and forums have inspired me to share some of my favorite snapshots that I've taken.

Here are just a few of my favorites:

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  1. faxonfive's Avatar
    Awesome pic!!! Nice to "meet" you again!!
  2. blndemom23's Avatar
    I'm not able to view that link you posted, denying me there a certain amount of time you need to be a member in order to see it?
  3. wilbe95's Avatar
    Liss, you are a wonderful photographer! The pictures you have taken look so professional. Impressive!!!

    And by the way...nice to "see" you!
  4. blndemom23's Avatar
    Wow Liss, those are gorgeous photographs! Maybe you have a new career path opening up to you!

    And the pics of yourself are pretty!!!
  5. Liss's Avatar
    Thank you ladies (Now that I've finally fixed the kinks in the permissions lol & ya'll can actually View them!)

    I wondered why no one was using the albums feature (DOH!)

    I have a little over 46,000 photos on my hard drive, lol, so when I say I've posted just a select few, I really mean it.

  6. blndemom23's Avatar
    LOL...I was wondering where the albumlink was to add pics too. I looked all over the user cp and couldn't find it anywhere and thought myabe I was just being dumb, lmfao.

    I can't wait to share pic and see everyone else. I don't have photos like you do, but lots of my family