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It's Friday!

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Good morning! It's great to be alive! Off to a great start today. The lord truly answers prayers!
Had to drive a group of youths to Illinois and then back over 400 miles and then get up the next morning to take them to St Joseph, MO (93 miles away) I only have enough money for one more tank of gas and my daughter will need to get back and forth to work next week. The gas money was from her! I made it all the way back and forth to Illinois and then to St Joseph and back home on 3/4 tank of gas. I could say my little Ford Focus is getting great gas mileage but I know this is the Lord helping me stretch my gas while I am helping others and helping me get to the end of the month. I've made yogurt up and have a batch of Cheese going that should be ready around noon today. I ground my wheat and have a couple loaves of whole wheat bread rising so will refill the empty bread box soon. My DH gets home this afternoon! Always looking forward to him coming home for a couple days! Looks like he'll be headed to Houston soon. If so it will be a long time between seeing each other. But I'll just take that one day at a time-- at least he won't be in Afghanistan or Iraq any more! Well it looks to be a great day and I've recovered from all the traveling so it looks like I'll be able to catch some stuff up here. Hope you all have a blessed day today!

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