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The experiences of a beginner cook

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So life is kinda nuts right? Some people learn to make three course meals by 12yrs old...and others attempt scrambled eggs at 12 when nobody is home and they are hungry.

I'm the second kind of person. I was raised by a single mom who worked nightshift as an RN and although she cooked when home...she didn't teach me how to cook. What is interesting is she is the first type of person I mention. She was making full course meals by middle school.

So what happened? I dunno haha but the only cooking I learned was done by me!

At 22yrs old I can cook many things....I know how cook chicken breasts...legs...thighs or bake a whole chicken. I can make a good pork roast and fry pork chops. I can make eggs and bacon and sausage much better than my feeble attempts at 12! I can do things like spagetti and goulash and I can follow a betty crocker mix.

But I never learned how make pies from scratch....something my mother does very very well....but hasn't shown me! Its kinda like her gravy...the one time I really tried to watch her make it to glean her secrets...she messed it up bad! *chuckles* I have never made a loaf of bread or my own corn bread or pies or cakes or muffins, pancakes, waffles, etc. There's so much more I want to know!

These days, I have two kids and one due in august. I have graduated college with a two year degree *doesn't help find work lol* and I am trying to learn things that I thought all girls learned growing up. How to to tell a veggie is good at the to make use of little things and be adaptive to one's situation...things like that. And whats made it harder is that I've been unemployed since last august! It makes me wonder if I should have gone for nursing instead of IT work.

But be things as they may...I still carve out a living..but want to know more! Always more! I am guilty of greed when it comes to knowledge. I seek it out...find obscure books...browse the internet...and this is how I found this site!

Well I have certainly rambled! I haven't even said what my initial idea for this blog recent experience trying to make african nsima, a recipe for corn meal I found on this site's forums.

I have never touched cornmeal in my life. I pictured it as ground corn in a flaky, clumpy imagine my surprise when it comes out much like flour!

Well needless to say, when I made the nsima and tried it....I found it rather bland! I made a face....pushed the pan away...and thought "Its impossible to eat!" I simply could not picture putting more of this mix into my mouth and eating certainly didn't help when my fiance found out I wasn't doing something wonderful or amazing with the corn meal *even though I showed him the recipe*

Well, we were both hungry and he sprinkled garlic powder on it then had the idea to sprinkle with cheese. So we did....I didn't like that either lol but he did.

So whats an 8 month prego to do? Follow her impulse of course. *grins*

While making it I thought it reminded me of applesauce....since that is the closet thing I've seen that it resembles... So out a need to make it eatable for me I dumped a container of cinnamon motts applesauce on my platefull and mixed it all up!

Well, I won't call it a masterpiece...I could have lived with out the cheese my man had put on it....but with the applesauce I was able to eat it...and enjoy it much much better!

Strange? Perhaps. Not what you would do? Likely. But your one month away from having a baby and need to eat...the best thing to do is follow your impulse!

So...what people do with cornmeal mush *african nsima* before they eat it?

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  1. bcoffey68359's Avatar
    Somethings are an aquired taste -I do not care for mush -I do not know the proper way to eat it -as far as cooking practice makes perfect -even pie -Keep cooking even good cooks have things that are bad. Bobbi -ne
  2. wilbe95's Avatar
    I can remember as a child eating cornmeal mush with maple syrup. Of course thirty plus years later I just do not eat the stuff .

    Cornmeal muffins, cornbread, hushpuppies are some great tasting things you can make with your cornmeal.

    With being pregnant, the flavor dislike might be just temporary...probably not but taste alters when you are pregnant.

    Best to you on your next experiment in the kitchen.