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The wonders of summer

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We're living mostly off our land now. Kids fishing a lot and having fresh fish fry each day. Harvesting from our garden several times a week. Eating freshly picked produce and canning the surplus. Nothing finer than relaxing after several hours of picking, cleaning and preparing and then canning our produce and then listening to that lovely ping sound as the jars seal up. Spending morning hours on the trails berry picking together as a family and then coming home to wash and seal them up in freezer bags. Got tons of wild blackberries and gooseberries this year. Wild plum tree looks like they are loaded, can't wait to go pick those and make jam again. The kids really loved the tart plum jam last winter! My garden left much to be desired this year but we got tons of green beans and carrots so far and potatoes and sweet potatoes look very promising. I had hoped for tons of tomatoes but we're just getting a few here and there. To cool and very wet this year. Maybe they'll take off and give me lots of late tomatoes, I hope! Hope your summer is going well! So much to do! Love the time we work and play together as a family during the summer.

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  1. Niddi's Avatar
    It's terrific that you're having such a good summer. I had a small garden last year but due to being away a lot this summer wasn't able to do it. Sure miss picking and cooking the veggies. (have a friend that's very generous with her bounty, but nothing beats picking your own) Doing things as a family is priceless. Memories you're making now will last your kids a lifetime. Blessings to you and your family.