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One Hundred Things That Make Me Smile

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  1. playing with my chihuahua's soft ear
  2. finding a new wicker basket to add to my collection...and painting it blue or red to match my Americana decor
  3. caramel frappucino
  4. my children's laughter
  5. receiving a genuine compliment on my cooking
  6. the American flag waving in the breeze
  7. the bubbles that pop on my nose from my fizzing diet Coke
  8. Sophie Kinsella novels
  9. getting a letter in the mail
  10. creating a new scrapbook page
  11. the smell of night-blooming midnight jasmin
  12. homemade ice cream
  13. a good haircut
  14. the song of the cicadas at night
  15. a good rumbling thunderstorm
  16. bubble baths
  17. fireworks
  18. the sun on my skin
  19. my husband
  20. talking to my mother on the phone
  21. cooking a new recipe and having it turn out perfectly
  22. thrift shopping
  23. getting packages in the mail
  24. Christmas trees
  25. thinking about my friends
  26. listening to a good song
  27. fuzzy socks
  28. a good pedicure
  29. finding money in my pocket on laundry day
  30. finding a great new website
  31. windchimes
  32. learning something new
  33. beating the computer at Scrabble
  34. finding a really great deal on something
  35. teaching my golden retriever new tricks
  36. listening to my chihuahua snore quietly in my lap
  37. making someone's day
  38. U-Pick places
  39. creating things
  40. the smell and sound of fallen leaves in autumn
  41. baking bread
  42. beating a new level in Super Paper Mario
  43. opening new games in Wii Fit
  44. accomplishing a goal
  45. making my husband and children happy
  46. oreo cookies dunked in milk
  47. Guitar Hero
  48. Bill Cosby
  49. bringing in the paper in the morning
  50. a clean kitchen sink
  51. hot cocoa when it's cold outside
  52. sweet iced tea when it's not
  53. wooden rollercoasters
  54. running my hand over my husband's head after he gets a haircut
  55. Christmas cookies
  56. my children's birthday parties
  57. wrestling with my husband
  58. Robin Williams
  59. S'mores
  60. Strawberry Shortcake
  61. singing in the car
  62. a comfy hoodie
  63. hanging my American flag out in the morning
  64. going to church on Sunday mornings
  65. reading Beth Moore
  66. finding a kindred spirit
  67. watching old Little House on the Prairie episodes
  68. good news
  69. my father-in-law's accent
  70. my mother-in-law's quirks
  71. buying presents for my children and my husband
  72. crisp winter air
  73. candles burning
  74. planning a menu
  75. framing a favorite photo and hanging it on the wall
  76. solving a riddle
  77. seeing people pray in public
  78. teaching my children new things
  79. watching my children learn new things on their own
  80. dressing up my chihuahua
  81. doing my daughters' hair
  82. Facebook
  83. getting emails
  84. finding shapes in the clouds
  85. swinging really high on a swing
  86. blowing bubbles
  87. trying to decipher what's being said when my daughter talks in her sleep
  88. going out with friends
  89. daydreaming
  90. a well-manicured lawn
  91. coloring with crayons
  92. treating myself to something special, even if it's no big deal
  93. a job well done
  94. making new friends
  95. finishing a great book
  96. watching deer in the wild
  97. getting flowers
  98. hitting all the green lights
  99. museums
  100. spending 30 minutes doing nothing but thinking of things that make me smile

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  1. Janice Terrell's Avatar
    I smiled just reading your list and picturing each thing you wrote.
  2. brchbell's Avatar
    Thanks for helping us smile too!
  3. Niddi's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing your list. It reminds us that happiness is found in the everyday little things we sometimes take for grantite