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Fire Ants are Gone!

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Wow, I never thought I would find an all natural remedy that actually worked at removing these little beasts.

For those of you that live in Fire Ant Country… you understand what it’s like to open a drawer or reach into some clean folded laundry only to find that they’ve built a nest in a few hours time. They climb into your electric receptacles, through any minuscule crack or crevice and take over.

Now, when you find them, simply sprinkle the nest liberally with Ground Cinnamon powder. The cinnamon will not harm your pets or children (although it may make a nosy dog a bit thirsty.)

This works well inside and out. You can often find bulk cinnamon powder containers at places like family dollar or dollar general. It costs approximately $3 for a large container.

If you have a large Mound of fire ants on your property, you should kill them using the hot water method. Simply boil a large kettle of hot water and very carefully and slowly pour it into the fire ant nest. Pour slowly to allow for it to rush through all their little tunnels to kill the queen. If she does not die, neither will the rest of the colony. A side note- this will cause ALL of the ants to rush out of the nest towards you, be prepared to move quickly.

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