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14 Best Tips to Transform Your Bedroom

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For ions, interior designers have provided tips on how to decorate your bedroom with your own personal style.

But what do you do when you’ve never decorated your own space before, and you do not know what your decorating style is? You may feel lost in the thousands of articles dedicated to this very issue.

14 Best Tips to Transform Your Bedroom

Finding your decor style starts with you. Your bedroom should be your sanctuary filled with objects, fabrics, and pieces of furniture that represent your personality.
stylish bedroom
By combining recycled materials and eco-friendly options, below are 14 best tips to transform your bedroom according to your lifestyle.
add your style

Focus Point

Usually, the focal point of your bedroom is a piece of furniture, and it is usually your bed. It is what your eyes are immediately drawn to when you enter the room.

Your bed frame does not need to be extravagant to be a focal point. For example, if you do not have a headboard, you can create the look of one by adding a large framed picture over your bed with euro pillows to add dimension.
missing headboard focus point

Mattress Selection

While you can do other things on a budget, it is essential to choose a high-quality mattress, to ensure a good night’s rest every night. While the bed frame is important aesthetically, the mattress you will lie down on every night will provide a welcoming retreat every evening.

It can be overwhelming when it comes time to decide on a bed you will lie on for at least the next ten years. However, with the new mattress types on the market, one stands above the rest.

high quality mattress selection

Latex hybrid mattresses have emerged and are very popular because they contain eco-friendly and non-toxic materials. They come in the standard plush or firmmattress options, and they are even hand-tufted.

By using natural latex, these mattresses leave out harmful chemicals, making for a safer night’s sleep. Recycle your bed for a better quality upgrade.

Saatva vs. Avocado: There are two distinct brands Saatva Latex Hybrid and Avocado Green Mattress. The innovators at Saatva have designed their mattress with comfort in mind by providing firmer support in the shoulders and torso region. When your new mattress arrives, Saatva is ready to be slept on right away, while Avocado will need time to expand once removing it from the box.

Since mattress disposal is the headache of buying a new mattress, Saatva has taken the stress of recycling your old mattress and providing free white glove delivery, including setting up your new bed and hauling away your old mattress for recycling.

mattress disposal

Despite having their own benefits, Saatva clearly comes out on top in the Saatva vs. Avocado debate.


While putting extra effort into your bedding is wise, there is no need to rush out and spend hundreds of dollars on sheets, pillows, duvets, and throw pillows.
expensive bedding
Instead, by budgeting your bedroom transformation, you can make sure you put the bulk of your budget into your mattress and split the rest of your budget into your sheets and pillows, the items that you will physically touch night after night.

bedroom color scheme

Next, add a boutique flair to your bed by opting for a white duvet, and then toss in some accent color by adding throw pillows and blankets in your favorite complimenting hue.

Use the 60/30/10 Color Rule

A helpful tip is the 60/30/10 decorating rule interior designers have followed for decades. This rule makes it simple to come up with a color scheme and follow it.

It states, 60% of color should be your dominant color for your bedroom. So, for example, teal will be the color on your walls, or on an area rug would be your dominant color.

bedroom color accents

Then 30% is your secondary color, which is always half of your dominant color, no matter what. The secondary color will always support your primary color and be different enough to set it apart from your dominant color. You would use this on your drapes, accent furniture, or even an accent wall.

bedroom accent color

Finally, 10% is the accent color you will use in your throw pillows, lamps, artwork, candles, and decorative pieces to balance your bedroom.

Use Textiles to add Texture

Any woven or knitted fabric is considered a textile, and there are five distinct types of textiles. The newest trend is plant-based textiles, such as Bamboo sheets.
bamboo sheets bedding

From bed sheets to mattresses, you can find eco-friendly plant-based materials to be used in your bedroom. The best part is that these textiles come in natural colors that automatically relax you and compliment even the brightest color schemes.
bedroom textiles

Visual Weight

The visual weight of interior design is fundamental since our eye-brain connection determines whether something is visually pleasing or cluttered and uninteresting; For instance, a room that is all white with no fabric or texture will have little visual weight.

visual weight bedroom

Visual weight is not about how much an item weighs in ounces or pounds but how much something looks like it weighs. So the things that grab our attention in a room are things with more visual weight.

The items that play a supporting role are things with less visual weight. A good rule of thumb for adding visual weight is to think of color.

Dark colors will add to the visual weight, and light colors will take away from the visual weight.
dark shades drapes


Lighting plays a vital role in any room, but especially in a bedroom. In a bedroom, your lighting should be intimate and cozy, not bold and bright.

By using intimate lighting, you set a scene for relaxation and calmness. Using mirrors to reflect natural light across from a window will add bright light. However, it won’t be as unflattering fluorescent lighting.
intimate bedroom lighting
You could try layering your lighting as well. For example, recessed lighting is an excellent option for intimate lighting that you can control with the ease of a remote. Lights of this type should be placed 3 to 5 feet apart along the perimeter of your bedroom.

accent pieces 1

On ceilings with a height of 9 feet and lower, flush-mount frosted or marbled mount ceiling fixtures will shed just enough light for vacuuming and changing sheets.

Pendant lights are a great option with ceilings of 10 feet or higher because you can position them over nightstands for bedside reading lights or at the foot of your bed in the middle of the room for visual weight.
pendant lights

Finally, floor lamps are the perfect option for a reading nook because they add height to a space without being overpowering, and you can find them with adjustable heads, and you can direct the light to where you would like it.

dark bedroom color scheme

The Ceiling

The ceiling of your bedroom is considered the fifth wall, and as such, you should treat it accordingly. By adding a fresh coat of white paint, you can instantly brighten your space.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you could opt to paint your ceiling a lighter color in the same color family as your walls. Be sure not to go dark, or it will give the effect your ceiling is closer than it really is.
bedroom ceiling colors

You could also add sheer curtains around your bed to give your bedroom a romantic look and add height to your room.
decorated bedroom
Adding wood beams would also have this same effect while giving your space a rustic look.

Upcycle & Repurpose Old Items

Add character and charm by heading to your local flea markets, antique markets, and consignment shops and scoping out their used furniture and decor.
focus point
You don’t need to be a master craftworker to upcycle furniture; all you usually need is paint and sandpaper. With these crafty tools, you can transform any space into a reflection of your personality and within any budget.

For example, wood furniture can be painted or affixed with wallpaper, which will be unique to your space.

Other items, such as glass vases and bowls, can be painted and used as planters and candle holders. The possibilities abound with treasures from markets such as these.

Move the items you already have around in your home to mix them up. For example, if you have a living room full of beautiful plants and flowers, try bringing a few into your bedroom. Same with the artwork. Swap out the paintings in your guest bedroom, and your bedroom will take on a new life of its own.bedroom plants


To keep things simple and clean, try to store items out of sight in your bedroom. For example, by incorporating a bedside table with drawers, you can tuck away your reading glasses, book, or anything else that you would place on your nightstand.

A trunk stored at the end of your bed could store heavier winter blankets through summer and extra sheets. These options will make your room feel calmer.
bedroom trunk

Window Coverings

A well-dressed window will act as a frame and provide other ways to add texture and color. If you love natural light, try sheer curtains with roller shade blinds, or if you love a dark space to relax, roman shades are always a classy option and easy to make yourself.
shades drapes


Research different decorating styles and trends by getting out of your space and going to historical houses turned into museums or a botanical garden to get ideas for plants to place in your bedroom.

Then, take a trip to local boutique home decor stores for DIY ideas. You can make succulent gardens with materials from your local flea market and dollar store for a fraction of the cost.

Time and Patience

Finally, time and patience are just as important as lighting, color, and selecting a new mattress or bedding.
Rushing in and getting everything transformed and polished looks is a natural feeling, but it will also take the fun out of the adventure of discovering yourself through your design style.

bedroom design style

These tips can also easily be applied to a camper or RV bedroom makeover. It is also important to note that, as with anything, our design style will change and grow as we change and grow, and there is no wrong design style.

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