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DIY $5 Sandblaster

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Sandblasters are handy to have available to remove paint, rust, surface pollutants from cars, houses, machinery and other surfaces. They’re perfect for cleaning household tools and highly effective for cleaning walkways and concrete surfaces. They can get a bit pricey though! Here’s a very simple way to repurpose a Gatorade bottle and an inexpensive $5 airgun kit into an effective homemade sandblaster.


I have some rust on my driveway and some old rusty tools I got from my grandfather years ago.

I have been looking at sand and soda blasters for about 6 months. They are either inexpensive and cheap or very well made and expensive!

So I decided let’s just make one.

$5.00 DIY Sand Blaster

Step 1: Get Crap


Go get some crap at Harbor Freight. This air gun kit ran $4.99.

Now find a bottle in the trash.

Step 2: Cut the Neck


Remove the locking neck for the cap.

Step 3: Drill


Grab a 3/16″ bit and drill the neck just under the cap.

Step 4: Test Fit


Push the air rod in. It should be very snug!

Step 5: Mark


Mark the bottom of the air tube. Spin the tube around so you can hold the handle while you file.

Step 6: File

File a hole through the tube to let your media in. When you’re done spin the tube back so the opening is at the bottom.


Step 7: Fit


Get the tube back into the hole.

Step 8: Seal


Not looking for the glue to actually stick here.

Just looking to prevent the hole from opening up too much while under pressure.

Step 9: Test Blast


Put your Saftey goggles and gloves on and give it a good blast. I shot at the rust on the driveway and removed a spot (the white part) in just a few seconds.

Step 10: Real Deal


An old set of needle nose (rusty as hell…)

Because everyone keeps asking this is my air compressor a California Air Tools 10020c running at about 40 PSI for blasting.

I also use 20/40 crushed walnut for my media.

For PPE I use gloves, a P-100 respirator, long sleeves and a face shield. No excuses! Do not mess with your Safety!

By Withered Perception
Photographer and Aerial Photographer. Proudly Collaborating With HISTORY COLORADO
Instagram: withered_perception


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