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A Quick Guide to Minimizing Your Wardrobe

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Do you often find yourself tossing clothes around the room when deciding what to wear? Do you lack sufficient space to put all of your clothes? Do you have clothes that you never wear? If you answered yes to the above questions then it might be time to minimize and we’re here to help with this quick guide to minimizing your wardrobe!


A Quick Guide to Minimizing Your Wardrobe

You can simplify your wardrobe and your life by reducing the number of items in your closet. Why minimize? Reducing the amount of clothing you have eliminates clutter and creates space, which is especially helpful in small areas. Less clutter makes it easier to get and stay organized. Good organization means less rushing around looking for things, and that leads to better time management and less stress.

Get Motivated

First, put the time aside to go through all of your clothes. You might choose to do this in one day or over the weekend depending on your amount of closet clutter. Sort items into various piles that are to be thrown out, given away and kept.

Throw Away or Recycle

Get rid of everything that is ripped or stained. Clothes that are in poor condition don’t look good and they aren’t going to make you feel good either. Consider giving old clothes a new purpose rather than filling up the landfills with them. You can re-use old clothes as cleaning rags, filler for homemade throw pillows, or cut them into strips and create a braided rug. Check local recycling companies in your area because some accept items such as old clothing.

Items That Don’t Fit

If you have items that don’t fit, then chances are you will never wear them. However, if your weight fluctuates it may be best to keep items that are slightly larger than your regular size. You can also have items altered by a tailor if they are too large but you want to keep them. Discard other items that don’t fit and you know you won’t wear. Donate these items, give them away or sell them.

The Keepers

The items you choose to keep will be the ones that you like, absolutely love and/or need. These clothes should be the staple items that you will now build your new minimized wardrobe around.

Lingerie, Undergarments, and Extras

Don’t forget to go through undergarments, lingerie, sleepwear, outerwear, swimsuits, and accessories as well. Discard any items that you do not use or items that have seen their fair share of wear and tear.

Take Inventory

You will need to make a shopping list to replenish the needed items in your new wardrobe. You may only need a few pieces that will complement what you already have, depending on how much you have downsized your wardrobe. Choose clothing that will fit your lifestyle for work and home.

Choose new items to integrate with your current clothes according to the dominant color in your wardrobe. For instance, if most of your clothes are a neutral shade such as black or navy blue, a few bold choices such as red will add a little flair.


Choose a few staple accessories such as jewelry, belts, scarves and a handbag. Although you don’t need a pair of shoes for every outfit, you will need a few pairs that mix and match well with your basic items. Throw out any shoes that are comfy but worn.

A worn-out pair of shoes may feel good but they can make a nice outfit look bad. Always choose shoes that fit well because if you are in pain it will show through in your appearance.


Quality over Quantity

It is fine to purchase a few sale items when shopping, however, consider quality over quantity. Quality items may be a bit more costly but they last longer. A minimal wardrobe is about reducing quantity but not sacrificing quality.

Buy functional items that can be used in different ways. For instance, the classic black dress that takes you to lunch when you top it with a cute crocheted sweater, then pull off the sweater and go out on the town.

Do a Seasonal Purge

Once you have minimized your wardrobe you will need to keep it that way by periodically eliminating things that no longer fit or are worn, and replacing needed items. Some people prefer to do this when they do a spring cleaning or when the seasons change. Find a system that works for you and stick with it. Minimizing your wardrobe will help you stay organized and fashionable all year long.


Less is More

Remember the adages “less is more” and “simple is best” when minimizing your wardrobe because there is truth in these statements. It’s not always necessary to overdress to impress. Simple, classic clothing items that stand the test of time will always look good. Be comfortable and confident in your clothing and your personality will make the impression.

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