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How to Distill Water at Home

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Distilled water can be difficult to obtain, but here’s how to make your own in just a few minutes.

Distilled water is not the same thing as purified water or Aquafina. It’s water that has been boiled into a steam state, then condensed back into liquid in a separate container.

The impurities that are in the original water remain in the original container, they do not transfer to the condensed liquid.

Occasionally recipes call for distilled water, like our glow in the dark bubbles recipe, where the additional minerals that are often found in regular tap water can cause the recipe to fail. While distilled water isn’t overly expensive, it can sometimes be hard to find, so here is the step by step directions for making your own.

How to Distill Water at Home

How To Make Distilled Water | DIY Distilled Water

1. Fill a large stainless-steel pot 1/4 full with tap water.

2. Place fire-proof glass bowl on water so it is floating.

3. Invert the glass lid upside down on the stainless steel pot & fill with ice, cold water, or ice packs.

4. Turn on stove until water in the stainless steel pot comes to rolling boil, then let it simmer; do not allow water in glass bowl to come to a boil; if it does, be sure to lower the temperature.

5. Keep adding water, ice, or icepacks on the lid when it turns warm/hot, until you’ve collected your amount of distilled water.

6. Using oven mitts, carefully remove the lid on occasion and remove the excess water that accumulates to prevent it from spilling over on the stove or counters.

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