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How To Clean Your Oven With A Dishwasher Tablet

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Over time the oven can accumulate a significant amount of grime from splatters or drips. Since our dishwasher tablets do such a great job on the dishes, we wondered how they’d work at cleaning away baked-on oven grime.

scrub free oven cleaning hack

My oven has a “self-clean” option. I’ve used it… only to discover that I was supposed to completely remove the oven racks, including the bottom rack which has a built-in slide-out feature.

self cleaning oven burn damage

To remove that rack, one has to actually unscrew the hinges from the door itself. Unfortunately, I wasn’t aware that I needed to remove the racks and in the process of “self-cleaning” the racks inside actually burned a bit.

This left a significant amount of burnt material on the glass of the door. I tried scrubbing it off using baking soda, it failed miserably. I also tried bar keepers friend cleanser, again, it failed.

self cleaning oven burn damage glass

How To Clean Your Oven With A Dishwasher Tablet

In order to clean your oven, you’ll need some rubber gloves, a dishwasher tablet, a small container of hot water, and a few paper towels.

how to clean oven dishwasher tab step 1

First, break down the dish tablet in a bit of hot water.

how to clean oven dishwasher tab step 2

I used a Finish Gel Tab and simply flipped it around in the water until the edges dissolved.

how to clean oven dishwasher tab step 3

Once the packet began to break open, I used gloved fingers to spread it evenly over the door.

how to clean oven dishwasher tab step 4

Continue spreading the cleanser until the area is completely coated.

how to clean oven dishwasher tab step 5

Next, wet some paper towels with hot water, wring them out and place them on top of the treated area. This helps prevent the cleaner from drying out before it has a chance to work properly. Set a timer for fifteen minutes and walk away.

how to clean oven dishwasher tab step 7

Go do something else, finish the dishes, vacuum the floor, sit in a chair, and enjoy a mug of coffee and a couple of chocolate bon-bons. We don’t what you do, but you’ll want to let the cleaner work its magic without you sticking your fingers in the middle of it every five minutes.

When the timer goes off, grab a dampened warm cloth and wash away the detergent residue. I used a sponge with a non-abrasive scrubby on the backside of it for the tougher areas. Be sure to wipe away all of the soapy residue using a clean cloth and warm water.

how to clean oven dishwasher tab step 8

Here are the results after fifteen minutes, without scrubbing or effort:

how to clean oven dishwasher tab step 9

In the future, I’ll be sure to remove the oven racks prior to using the self-clean option, lesson learned!!

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7 thoughts on “How To Clean Your Oven With A Dishwasher Tablet”

  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this trick. I have run my oven’s self clean feature 3x’s and still couldn’t get the grime off the door.

    I applied the finish gel packs just like it said to, dissolve them slightly, spread the stuff around and then put wet paper towels on top. I used HOT wet paper towels.

    I waited more like 20 minutes because I forgot and then pulled them off and wiped it down. My oven door is SPOTLESS. This is probably the BEST hack I’ve encountered on this site so far.

    Thank you!

  2. It worked for part of it. But some of the dots of grime were still stuck so I repeated the process. Ended up wiping it down and scrubbing. Looks better than it did.

  3. Is this only for the glass on the oven door? I just finished cleaning my oven and it wasn’t a super-pain, but the easier the better!

  4. This does NOT WORK for me.

    I followed the directions exactly as written.

    But it did not work for me. Oven glass door still had dark brown, baked on stains/grease.

    • I’m sorry it didn’t work for you, as you can see in the photos (that’s my oven) it worked fantastic for me. Perhaps it was the brand of dishwasher detergent that you used, maybe you have minerals in your water that you’re unaware of, or use a water softener system.

      Cleaning tips don’t always work out for every person, that’s why there are so many different options. Thanks for letting us know.


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