9 Clever Space Saving Dining Room Ideas

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9 Clever Space Saving Dining Room Ideas

Creative ways to have a dining room table and still have plenty of space
Living in a smaller apartment or efficiency home has many advantages, such lower heating and cooling bills, as well as needing less time and money to maintain. Unfortunately, it also has a few drawbacks, such as frequent lack of space for everyday furniture.

Here are 9 clever dining room table ideas that save space when they’re not in use!

We love this dropdown table idea from Woodworking from mere mortals, that folds neatly into a lightweight cabinet frame when it’s not in use. They used a flexible stencil to create the design.


Here’s a folding multipurpose table that offers under table storage .


Source: Amazon

Here’s a fantastic idea, create a photo frame effect and insert your favorite poster to display when the table is not in use. Click on the photograph to open a tutorial to recreate this fabulous space-saving idea.

Image Source: Makezine

This 5′ Dining Room table folds down from the wall with ease!

Repurpose an Armoire to create extra storage for dishes as well as a hideaway table.

Source: Unknown

This small apartment sized table folds down against the wall when not in use, maximizing space.

Source: Houzz

Simple table design, when outright to the sides it serves as a buffet, when brought together it can seat 7 people easily.

Here’s a table that takes virtually no space at all as it slides into the counter when not in use!


Photos courtesy of Atelier Chang Pinterest


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