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RV Bedroom Makeover

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Camping in an RV can be a blast, but, if you’re spending a lot of time in a small space that you don’t really “Love”, it can detract from the enjoyment of the trip. Here’s how to transform the camper bedroom on a minimal budget with this easy RV bedroom makeover!


RV Bedroom Makeover

This budget-friendly RV Bedroom makeover was graciously shared with us by Laura and Dennis Duncan.

While the rest of the camper was absolutely stunning inside, the drab color scheme in the bedroom really didn’t offer much pizzazz. In fact, to Laura, the headboard was a complete eyesore. With a little creativity, a love for all things BEARS, and some help from her husband Dennis, the hibernation station was born.

RV mattresses are notoriously thin, offering little padding. This is often remedied by replacing the mattress entirely, or by adding an inexpensive foam topper.  Of course, if you add too much weight to the bed, you’ll want to reinforce the bed lifts and install universal lift gas struts.  

Dennis installing the gas struts

These lift supports allow the lifted bed to remain in place until you choose to close it. This handy feature gives you unhindered access to the storage area beneath the bed. 

Creating the Hibernation Station

 Having a love for bear decor, Laura created a cozy hibernation station. The original camper walls were a drab tan sand tone, severely lacking color.  


Remove the existing headboard by unscrewing it from the wall. Reupholster it with whatever fabric suits your fancy. Use a heavy-duty staple gun or upholstery tacks to secure the fabric in place.

RV Bedroom Makeover

Regular wallpaper is messy and hard to change if you get tired of it. Rather than use wallpaper that requires glue, Laura opts for a pretty peel and stick wallpaper. This particular wallpaper is called blue distressed wood. It’s repositionable, washable and doesn’t leave a nasty residue behind when it’s removed.

Prepare the Walls

Next, prepare the walls prior to installing the peel and stick wallpaper.  RV walls are often treated with a waterproof coating to help keep the surface clean and easy to wash. If you don’t wash the walls down and then lightly sand them, the paper won’t adhere properly.


Start applying the sticky wallpaper, smoothing each section as you go. A clean plastic putty scraper works great to remove any small air bubbles that may form.


Continue adding the sticky paper, ensuring that the design lines match up. Use a utility knife to carefully cut out outlets or around shelving as needed.


This is the unfortunate result if you fail to follow the directions on the wallpaper packaging. Laura didn’t prep the wall first, lightly sanding it, so the paper initially peeled off. 


It’s coming together nicely, Laura can’t help but add the headboard in to see how gorgeous the finished hibernation station will be. The blue in the wallpaper really looks nice with the headboard fabric, don’t you think?!


Once the back wall has been papered, center the headboard and screw it back into place to secure it against the wall. 


Here’s a shot of the bedroom, just before applying the finishing touches. This sweet supervisor is P!nk, she’s been overseeing all of the work to make sure it’s done properly!


Finally, it was time to add some finishing touches, a few bear-themed wall decorations acquired at Hobby Lobby (for 40% off). Laura’s mom used the leftover material from the headboard to make a few accent pillows for the bed.

Budget101 RV Bedroom Makeover Remodel Project for Pennies #Budget101 #RV

 As you can see, do it yourself RV makeover and remodel projects don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Here’s how to repair and seal your RV roof to help save you thousands.

We’d like to give a special thank you to Laura and Dennis for giving us permission to share your idea and photographs!

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2 thoughts on “RV Bedroom Makeover”

  1. Looks really nice! I have never tried the peel and stick paper, but have always liked the kind of wallpaper where I add my own paste. I have had good luck with that kind, and since we are in the midwest and the weather changes from one extreme to the other, this type of paper for us was the best.

  2. Thanks designed for sharing such a good idea, I love this inexpensive RV Bedroom Makeover tutorial. I have a hard time picturing things when they’re in progress, rather than done. Adding the backsplash and a few well placed decorations made all the difference.

    This one looks fairly simple to recreate and luckily our bed in the rv already has a lift kit under it so I don’t have to do that.


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