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DIY Washing Machine

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There are times when getting to a washing machine just isn’t possible- perhaps you’re camping, in a tiny apartment, dorm room, or the power has gone out for an extended period of time. Here’s a simple do it yourself portable washing machine that works!

This plain 5-gallon bucket and plunger quickly and easily converts into a useful washing machine.


Here’s the breakdown of how to make it, of course, we’ll provide the complete materials and drill bit size needed following the video!

Human Powered "Washing Machine" DIY - The "5 gallon bucket" clothes washer

Ready to make your own now?

DIY Washing Machine

You will need:
1- 5 Gallon Bucket
1- Brand New Basic Toilet Plunger
3/8″ Drill Bit

Drill 8-10 holes in the plunger, evenly spaced apart. Drill a hole in the top of the 5-gallon bucket, large enough for the plunger handle to fit through. Add clothing and a couple of gallons of water, a dash of detergent.

Cover the bucket and agitate with a plunger by hand for 2-4 minutes.

Drain, add fresh water to rinse the clothing, agitate 2-4 minutes, Drain. Wring. Hang to dry.

Image & Video Credit to DesertSun02

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