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DIY Snow Tires for Bicycles

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For many, riding throughout the winter months is a must! Unfortunately, with ice, snow and slush it can be frustrating and dangerous. Here’s a simple fix for your bicycle to help gain traction during the winter months…
We didn’t realize how necessary this actually is until our son called from college frustrated with how his (much needed) bicycle was practically useless on campus. They say that invention is the mother of necessity! A few zip ties later and he’s good to go!

You’ll Need:

Heavy DutyZip Ties


Wrap a zip tie around the tire at each spoke (just above). Tighten it to the tire so that it is snug, but not squeezing the tire too much. Snip off the excess. Repeat until the entire tire has been wrapped.

These seem to work well to help gain traction, but like every fix, they aren’t 100%. Don’t waste time using cheap zipties, use heavy duty quality ties for best results.

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1 thought on “DIY Snow Tires for Bicycles”

  1. This is an amazing idea! Thank you for the share. I’m going to try this on my son’s bike and see how he likes it. It will extend his riding season.


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