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How to Clean Blinds

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Window blinds are notorious for collecting dust, grease, and residue. Here are several simple options for cleaning them thoroughly.

Windows blinds are wonderful for to helping to reduce drafts around windows, allow for privacy and add a nice touch to the decor UNTIL the day you realize they’ve collected dust and debris and that gray tint they’ve taken on means more work for you!


How NOT to Clean the Blinds

First, let’s address what NOT to do when attempting to clean blinds. Do not attempt to wash one slat at a time or spray them with a car wash hose, or dunk them in the tub. Likely the paint will peel of them a day or two following the cleaning and you’ll get stuck purchasing new blinds, or looking at ugly blinds with pits or chips in them.

When cleaning blinds, regardless of the type, always start from the top. The dust and grime has a tendency to fall down as you go and this ensures that you aren’t re-soiling the surface you just worked on.

If the blinds are well maintained and just need a simple touch up from time to time, place a clean sock over your hand, dip the tip lightly into vinegar (white), then lightly wipe the blinds to clean off any dust.

Cleaning Fabric or Vinyl Blinds

Fabric and/or Vinyl blinds can be cleaned easily using a rubber sponge (which is also known as a dry sponge). Lightly vacuum the surface using a vacuum cleaner attachment, if possible. Simply apply even pressure and swipe the rubber sponge across the blinds. Once the blinds have been cleaned, vacuum the floor area around the blinds to ensure it doesn’t recirculate into the air and land back on your blinds!

Cleaning Wooden Blinds

The easiest way to clean wooden blinds is to add 1/4 cup Murphy’s oil soap to a gallon of water. Place an old sock that no longer has a mate over your hand, puppet style. Dip the sock into the soapy water and gently wash the slates of the blinds, ensuring that you’re not saturating them with water. If you’d like you can dry them as you go with another clean sock or soft cloth.

How to clean window blinds of all types

Cleaning Metal or Vinyl Blinds

To properly clean metal blinds, you’ll need to remove them from the window first. Bring the outside and add a couple of drops of dawn dish detergent to the blinds (just drip it right on them).

Using a soft-bristled dishwashing brush or sponge, gently “wash” the blinds, then rinse. Flip and repeat for the other side. Rinse thoroughly. Lightly dry by running a soft hand towel over the slats to remove any excess water. Hang the blinds to dry.

Preventative Maintenance

Oftentimes, if you wipe the blinds down on a regular basis (about once per month) using a microfiber cloth, the dust won’t accumulate and it’ll only take 3-4 minutes of time per blind to keep them clean and maintained. This is also a handy time to wash the windows too.

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  1. I own some window blinds in my home since I recently remodeled it, but it got dirty over months of use. Thanks for the tip that I can use a dry sponge for my vinyl blinds so that I can get the dust off. However, I think there are some stains that I can’t get out, so I might get stuck hiring a cleaning company to get rid of those for me.


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