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Laundry Organizer

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Laundry has a tendency to accumulate quickly if you have kids (and sometimes, even if you don’t !) Unfortunately, many members of the family seem to have a difficult time with sorting clothing, until now! Here’s a very easy, space saving way to organize dirty laundry . . .

For about $15 we purchased a couple of Rubbermaid Fastrack storage rails and added a pair of shoe brackets that we were no longer using in our closets to hold each laundry basket.

This way the clothes can be sorted as they’re tossed into the laundry room, dark clothing on top, towels in the middle, whites on the bottom. Depending on the size of your room, you could use 3-6 baskets, or one for each family member, if needed.


Be sure to measure your own laundry baskets prior to installing the rails so you know precisely how far apart to screw them into the wall. Also, be sure that you locate a stud in the wall, dirty laundry can get pretty heavy!

Laundry baskets have various widths and even 1″ off can cause a problem. The sterilite baskets shown here are exactly 24″.

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