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Magic Erasers- How to Make Your Own

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I absolutely love those magic erasers they sell in the little boxes of 6 for about $3, they work awesome for cleaning just about anything! However, I cannot stand the price so I started researching what they are made of to see if I could make my own and guess what? It’s really SIMPLE and CHEAP to make your own (almost) magic erasers!


How to MYO (almost) Magic Eraser Cleaning Sponges

As I researched it, I discovered that I can’t “make my own” from scratch because those so-called Magic erasers are actually just melamine foam! Literally, that’s it! Nothing Else! However, I discovered that it can be purchased on ebay or amazon for a lot less than the store bought stuff.

How does it work?

Melamine foam IS the complete cleaning solution, the “magic erasers” that they sell do NOT have additional cleaners added to them, some of them have fragrance added, that’s about it.

Melamine foam erasers effectively clean most stains because they are formed differently from other cleaning products and only need water — no chemical cleaners or additional soaps are required.

Much like pencil erasers, melamine foam erasers wear out quickly .

To the naked eye, melamine foam eraser appear to look like any other sponge, they even feel similar. Microscopically however, the crucial properties of melamine foam are considerably different.

As melamine resin cures into its foam form, the microstructure becomes almost as hard as glass, which causes it to work on stains much like a super-fine sandpaper.

This type of foam is considered an open-cell foam. As you clean the dirt is pulled into the open cells, helping to pull it away from the surface you’re cleaning.

You can read more about how it works here.

How to Find Melamine Foam Sheets

Are you wondering where can you buy sheets of Melamine Foam? It’s available here on Amazon.

You can pick up a roll or big sheet of melamine foam and simply cut it into squares or rectangles in whatever size or shape that you need to make your own that work just as well as the store bought boxes for about 1/10th of the cost.

Alternatively, if you don’t want the hassle of cutting them out, you can get a giant pack of 50 that are pre-cut for you, for a fraction of the price of a tiny box of four.


See on Amazon

Why Pay More?

Don’t let them fool you with expensive packaging. I literally just bought enough to make 50 Magic Erasers for less than 3 cents each Do you “make your own”?


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