Do It Yourself » MYO Blacklight for less than 3¢

MYO Blacklight for less than 3¢

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Sometimes you just need a blacklight, whether you’re trying for an interesting photo, having a little photography fun, or using it to find otherwise hidden pests in your garden, a blacklight can be extremely useful. Here’s how to make your own!


Whether you’re using your new blacklight to discover hidden germs in your bathroom or kitchen, finding pests in your garden or just for kicks and giggles of making your friends t-shirts glow in the dark, this simple tip will have you lighting up things in no time!

You’ll Need:

A Smartphone with a Camera
3 pieces of clear tape
a Purple Marker
a Blue Marker

Place a piece of clear tape over the FLASH on the phone. Color the tape with a Blue Marker. Let it dry. Add another Layer of Tape: Color that layer generously with a blue marker too.

Add a final layer of tape, color it with a purple marker.

Turn on your flash ON and take photos. You’ll be shocked at what you see!


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