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MYO Tire Rocker or SeeSaw

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How to Make your Own Tire rocker or seesaw!

The image shared in this project was submitted to us on our Facebook page by Larry Loftin, very crafty Larry! Thanks for Sharing!

To make your own tire rocker or seesaw you’ll first need an old tire, cut in half.

Here’s a helpful video that shows you how to cut through the tire:

Earthship Construction, Cutting block tires

Can’t view it? Here’s a summary, hold the Sawzall at a 45° angle and when you reach the metal threads in the tire, use bolt cutters, unless you have a construction blade that also cuts metal.

Scrub the tires thoroughly to prepare them for painting.

Cut the seat, a 1″x12″ works great, particularly if you want to indent the sides for the legs to rest. Be sure to sand it thoroughly prior to painting and if you’d like, you can router the edge.

To create the steering wheel attach a 2″x2″ piece to the front of the seat (screw underneath) and a 6″ round piece for the steering wheel.

On the underside of the seat attach a 2″x4″ piece for bracing. Screw through the tire into the wood.
(Image Credit Sweetteal)
Spray paint the underside of the seat black (to match the inside of the tire.

Spray the top whatever color you want to match the color you choose to paint the tire.

Attach the seat with wood screws and washers. Do not omit the washers.

Color Ideas:
Bumblebee design: Yellow Tire- Yellow seat with Black stripes
LadyBug Design: Red Tire, Red Seat with Black Polka Dots
Zebra Design: Black & White Tire & seat stripes
Rocking Horse, add a Main & Tail


Source:Designs by Zahra Pinterest

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