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Kitchen Packing Tips

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Moving can be rather frustrating and overwhelming, and packing is often the hardest part. Here are some tried and true tips for packing up the kitchen area of your home and relocating the contents with ease…

Kitchen Packing Tips

The last time we moved a friend shared a fabulous, simple tip that keeps plates from chipping or cracking, she said, “when you pack your plates place a styrofoam plate in between each one. You can do this with glass bowls as well” (they make styrofoam bowls!).

Then when you unpack, you can put the glass plates away and reuse the styrofoam plates while you’re getting settled into your new place so you won’t have to do dishes.

We loved that tip that Diane shared with us and thought we’d offer just a few more that worked really well too:

The Silver Lining: Pull the silverware drawer liner out and wrap the entire thing in saran wrap (with the silverware in it). It keeps the silverware altogether in one spot, organized, and ready to slide back into the drawer when it gets to the new house.

Create an Arrival Box

Create an essentials box and label it brightly as “1st Day Essentials” – put in a roll of toilet paper, a roll of paper towels, antibacterial cleaning wipes, a baggie containing some plasticware/paper plates, hand soap, hand towel, some simple snacks, scissors or utility knife, a small first aid kit with bandages and antibacterial ointment, flashlight, etc. This is the bucket you’re going to go to FIRST when you can’t find what you want, so it’ll be loaded with necessities.

We actually created 2 essential Buckets- one contained the coffeepot, coffee, creamer, and 4 mugs. No one in my house is going to make it half a day without their morning coffee!

Stock Pots & Kettles

If you have some bigger stock pots that don’t fit nestled within each other you can fill them up with various pantry items, seasonings, and spices, etc to use all of the space. Put the pot in the box, add a layer of pantry goodies, layer a clean hand towel, another layer of seasonings/items, repeat. The hand towels will still be clean when you arrive at your new home, but the labels will be intact and you won’t have anything that’s busted open.

Tape Covers On

If you’re moving across the country, consider giving your open cleaners, soaps, etc to your friends that are staying behind. It’s not worth the extra cost in gas and needless waste of space to transport them. BUT if you’re moving across town, make sure that you TAPE THE TOPS SHUT. Else you might find a nasty surprise when you get to your new house.

Packing Other Breakables

Glasses, Specialty Dishes, etc- Keep in mind that while everything should be well wrapped, that doesn’t mean you have to use newspaper or tissue paper. Use what you have- clean hand towels, washcloths, bath towels, etc. Clean socks fit perfectly in glasses, mugs, These items all need to get to the new house too, there’s no reason to use extra boxes when they can do a job while they travel!

Secure Knives

Pack knives in pot-holders to ensure no one receives any accidental cuts. The blade is protected and so are tender fingers when unpacking!

Back Breakers?

While packing boxes and totes, periodically stop, lift the box/bucket to ensure that you’re not overstuffing it with too much weight. Just because it fits doesn’t mean it should ship. You don’t want to cause a back injury by the time you move 1 or 2 boxes when you arrive at your new home or apartment.

Leave drawers and cupboard doors Open as you empty them and get them packed to alleviate any concerns that you forgot to pack something.

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2 thoughts on “Kitchen Packing Tips”

  1. Lots of great ideas listed. In addition to styrofoam plates, other great dividers for plates and bowls are washcloths, paper towels, napkins – all are still clean and can be used as intended. Instead of wrapping all your glassware individually, pick up some boxes with dividers (from grocery or liquor store) and place each glass in it’s own compartment.

    Small trinkets and knickknacks or spices can be wrapped and placed inside the glasses.

  2. In addition to styrofoam plates, other dividers that can be used for plates and bowls are hot pot holders, washcloths, paper towels and napkins. All stay clean and can be used as intended after the move.

    For glassware, use boxes with bottle dividers (from grocery or liquor store). No need to wrap each glass or mug! Small trinkets, knick knacks or spices can be wrapped and placed inside the glasses.


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