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MYO Chalkboard Paint

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Chalk paint and chalkboard paint are not exactly the same thing. Chalkboard paint (aka blackboard paint) is used to create a writable surface for drawing, notes, etc. Chalk paint is used to refinish items without needing to scrub, sand and prime them first. Here’s how to make your own Chalkboard paint in any color you’d like…
For this project we simply used folk art acrylic paints which run about $1.50 per bottle at craft stores, Walmart/Target, etc.

Tiny Project Amount:
3 teaspoons acrylic paint [ Any color that you’d like] 1 1/2 teaspoons Glazing Medium [water based] 1/2 teaspoon Powder Tile Grout

Medium Size Project:
2 Tbs acrylic paint [ Any color that you’d like] 1 Tbs. Glazing Medium [water based] 1 tsp Powder Tile Grout

Big Project:
1/4 c. acrylic paint [ Any color that you’d like] 2 Tbs. Glazing Medium [water based] 2 tsp Powder Tile Grout

Combine the grout and glazing medium together until it’s smooth without lumps (it’ll be gritty). Add the paint, blending really well and that’s it. You now have chalkboard paint!

Paint it on a nice board (luan works great and is very inexpensive!), apply several coats, drying in between.

To condition your board before using, turn your chalk lengthwise, then scrape your chalk over the surface- be sure to cover the entire surface, wipe clean.

This can be applied to many different surfaces, appliances, walls, etc to create custom homemade chalkboards in multiple colors.

If you don’t want to purchase a big container of grout, check with a neighbor to see if they have some. Sometimes we hold craft supply swap parties too, where we’ll divide up some items, such as grout, plaster of paris, etc into small bags, label them. Get together with other crafty friends and share supplies to avoid having to purchase a big box of something.

Chalkboard Ideas:

  • Have Toddlers? Paint the lower half of their bedroom wall with chalkboard paint, let lil’ Picasso Play!
  • Paint the inside of your Kitchen Cupboardswith chalkboard paint – instant To-Do, Reminder, Menu Planner and more

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