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Copycat Arm-n-Hammer Washing Powder

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Here’s a tip from a home made product that I have used for years in my homemade soap powder for clothes washing.
Take one cup of regular arm and hammer baking soda(that you buy in the baking isle).And set your oven to 400 degrees.


Place powder on a cookie sheet and bake for 45 min.(I do turn on my stove fan) as while the chemical change is taking place from baking soda to washing powder) does have a small odor in the air.This is to be kept in a closed container as it will revert back to its original form (for baking soda)if it gets any moisture in it. This is the single batch size for most homemade washing powder recipes that you find.

It saves me a lot of cash,not having to spend $8.00 for the cup of arm and hammer clothes washing powder on the store shelves.I buy the largest baking (SODA) in the baking isle to use for many things.

Love to you all.

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11 thoughts on “Copycat Arm-n-Hammer Washing Powder”

    • Get ready to save money forever. I do 4 cups of each powder to one bar of zote soap at save a lot.(grate the bar soap with a cheese grater and take turns putting the bar and powder soaps mixed together in the blender or food processor.I use 4 TBSP for every load I do.Just used mine this morning at the laundry.I love it.

      • Could someone tell me if this dissolves in cold water?
        I only wash with cold so if it doesn’t then I can’t use it. I won’t be saving any money if I have to use warm or hot water.
        Thanks for any info you all can share.

  1. Found Zote soap on Walmart site. No ordering needed. They say they have it at my local store so I will have to find it and try this.



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