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Repurpose Hockey Sticks into a Bench

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Upcycling is all about taking an old, potentially unwanted objects and giving them new life. In this case, one of our members is giving new life to parts of an old bed and a few broken pieces of sports equipment to make a gorgeous, functional bench!
Budget101 Facebook Fan Kelly McCrink submitted this amazing project. As you can see the main aspects of the bench are discarded head, foot board and rails of an old bed. The foot board of the bed has been cut in half, to create the sides of the bench.


The bedding rail provides a solid front to the bench.


The seat? Well, my friends, those are old (discarded) hockey sticks that her sons (& their friends!) collected at the rinks in their area. Rather than waste the broken hockey sticks, they converted them into a fantastic bench for Hockey Enthusiasts!


As if their creativity wasn’t enough, check out the Hockey pucks used as spacers and bench “feet”. Place a small circle of felt at the bottom and the bench can be moved easily without scratching their beautiful hardwood flooring.


To be fair, we’re not sure which part of this project impressed us the most, the fact that Kelly repurposed vastly different items that were going to be thrown away or the fact that her children and their friends worked to collect old broken sporting equipment to give it new life and purpose!

Thank you for sharing Kelly!

Do you have a creative repurposing (or upcycling) project that you’d like to share? You can email it to DIY @ budget101 (dot) com.

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