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Moving? Instant Organized Closet Trick

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Moving? Here’s an instant organized closet trick that we’ve used time and again.

Moving is tiring, expensive and frustrating. First, everything has to be taken from its place and then packed away neatly into boxes, which are then packed away neatly into a car or truck to be transported, only to arrive at the new destination and need to be unpacked and put-away. But.. what if I told you there was a simple way to move your clothing and stay completely organized with very little effort…


Recently our eldest son headed off to college and as I stared into his closet watching him debate which clothes to take I pondered the easiest and most convenient method I could think of to pack his things and then ensure they were organized neatly in his closet at school. Then it hit me and I headed into our favorite “utility drawer” (aka the junk drawer) to seek out a few zip ties.

Organize the clothes as you normally would like them to appear in your closet, in this case, all long sleeve shirts, then t-shirts, then jeans/pants, then work clothing.

While the clothing is still hanging, insert a large zip tie through the hanger, like so:


Tighten the zip tie.


Lift the bundled clothes off the rail and place a trash bag over the clothes, cutting a hole in the very bottom to allow for the hangers to “hang out” the bottom of the bag, like so:

Moving? Instant Organized Closet Trick

This protects the clothes from dust, dirt, grime, fingerprints, moisture, potential spills/stains during moving, etc. Pack them away in the car or truck. When you arrive at your destination, simply hang them up in the closet, snip away the trash bag and snip off the zip tie.


Instant, Organized, Mess-Free Closet. Using a medium-size zip tie you can easily group 12 loaded hangers together without assistance. If it’s raining or snowing outside, be sure to use a trash bag long enough to enclose the clothing completely.

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2 thoughts on “Moving? Instant Organized Closet Trick”

  1. I’ve used this before. Also, can layer clothes, still on hangers, in a large garbage bag (lawn and leaf size). Just grab a handful of hangers, place in bag and fold over once.

    Keep layering until bag is full. Be sure to check weight of bag does not become too much for you.

    When moving dressers, my dad taught me to remove the drawers still full of clothes from the dresser, place the dresser in the moving truck, then replace the drawers. When you get to your new location, once again remove the drawers replacing them once dresser is in its new home and you are ready to go!


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