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Silk Flower Arrangements – Creation and Care

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Fresh flowers are beautiful, but having them in your home is not always an option. Seasons, allergies, and costs are all contributing factors, but let’s get real – they die and customarily create a huge mess. But you say you really like the feeling flowers bring to a room? Well, why don’t you use a silk arrangement? No, not those scanty arrangements you see in most stores. Make your own! It is a lot easier than you think, plus it will last you indefinitely, you can match your décor, go as large or as small as you wish, and you can generally make multiples for what one live flower arrangement would normally cost you (depending on the flowers and containers you buy).

TIPS to Save You More Before You Buy:

  • Buy from a local silk wholesaler.
  • If you must buy your silks at a craft store – use their coupons for big savings.
  • Do not buy singles (one flower on a stem). These are very costly. Buy a small or large bush. A bush is made up of several stems of flowers (small – 5-10 stems OR large – 12 -20 stems).
  • Get creative with your container.
  • When cutting stems for placement, cut small amounts off at a time. You can always remove more, but you don’t want to try to add to a stem.

    The actual amount of flowers, fillers, and greenery you use will depend on the size of your container and the desired arrangement size. I am using a bucket that measures 7” across the opening and 5-1/2” high, and the specific amounts given in the tutorial are based on this container.

    Equipment and Supplies
    Floral Foam – block, cone, or sheet (cut to fit)
    Silks – flowers, fillers, and greenery
    Thin tape
    Wire cutters
    Hot Glue

    Heat your glue. I use an old electric skillet for melting my glue, but a glue gun works great.
    While the glue is heating, cut all silks from the bush (large stem) as close to the bottom as possible. You can make them shorter as needed throughout the process.


    Cut, if necessary, and fit foam in the pot. Fill in around the foam with small rocks or like items. The rocks are optional, but they will help weigh the container down and make it more difficult to tip. Tape down the foam. This will prevent the foam and flowers from coming out of the pot in the event it does get knocked over.


    Beginning with greenery, I cut four pieces of fern the same size, dipped them in the hot glue and arranged them around the pot in a clover like pattern. Bend them slightly downward to give a natural drooping appearance.

    I then added two ferns to the center to create the height (cutting the stem to desired size) of my arrangement by placing them back-to-back, adding hot glue, and poking into foam.


    Add additional (short) greenery as desired. This will be based on container size and arrangement size.


    Now, you will begin working with the flowers. Add your top center flower, placing between and just slightly above, the center fern stems.

    Cut 4 – 6 flowers at the same length for the bottom of the arrangement. Glue into place. (The photo on the right is a side view.)


    Cut 2 flowers at the same length for the middle range of the arrangement. The height of these flowers should follow the imaginary line going from the top flower to the bottom flowers to resemble a triangle. Glue into place.
    Add long filler pieces to two directly opposite sides to create the width of the arrangement.


    Continue filling in the arrangement with small flowers and fillers until you reach your desired look.

    How to Care for Your Silk Arrangements

    • If your flowers are squished, use a hair dryer on high heat to blow them open.
    • During your regular cleaning routine, blow the dust off your arrangement using a hair dryer. Spray with your favorite air or room freshener (such as those from this site).
    • About every three to six months, make a lukewarm bath in the kitchen sink using a couple of drops of dish soap and lukewarm water. Gently tip the arrangement to the side to remove any rocks (weights). Lightly swish the silks in the water, making sure to not wet the foam. Shake off excess water. Replace rocks and sit the container outside or in your dish drainer to dry. This process helps remove dust and grease that may have built-up over time. Once dry, re-glue any loose flowers as needed.
    • Do not allow your silk arrangements to sit in direct sunlight. The sun will cause your flowers and greenery to fade.
    • Keep your arrangements away from open flames, such as candles.
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