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DIY Custom light switch covers

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Are you tired of your plain old “blah” light-switch and outlet covers? Here’s a simple, do it yourself project that will add sparkle to any room . . .

So I got bored of my white light switch covers so I came up with the genius idea to give them a makeover, so I started with my kitchen.

You’ll Need:
Fabric Scraps
Modge Podge(or homemade modge podge)
xacto Knife/blade
decorative lace (optional)
Outlet or Light switch Covers

-I got fabric and cut it to the shape of the light cover leaving about 1/2 inch extra around each side.

– Next I put a coat of modge podge onto the cover then laid the fabric on it and then went over the fabric with another coat of modge podge.

-I let them dry overnight then took an xacto knife to the areas that didn’t need the fabric obviously.


-I also added a border around mind of course you don’t have to.

-Lastly once the covers are screwed back on I took rhinestones and glued them over the head of the screw to disguise them.

*****As for the ones with lace I spray painted the actual cover first then did the modge podge process with the lace.*****

The best part about this project is light covers are way cheap, so if you live in an apartment like me its a cheap replacement. Even better everything just comes right off if you soak the covers in water for a few hours.

I hope you give it a try, it definitely adds a little *pa-ting* to whatever room you put them in.

Here are several different examples that I’ve created:





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