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DIY – LOVE wall art

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So I love the wall art that uses the word LOVE in it and has it shaped like a square, but I could never find anything design wise that fit my style…until…I got the great idea to make my own. Unfortunately I didn’t take any step by step pics so I will describe as best as possible and if you have further questions ask away! Oh and of course you don’t have to do the word love it can be done with any word.

Items needed:
4 Mirrors– preferably the ones with the thin tacky gold or silver border (99 cent store or dollar general)
Glue – (I used deco glue but any kind of glue will do)
Glitter – (99 cent store or dollar general)
Letter and heart image stencil– (I used Microsoft Word for the letters, I made them the size I wanted, printed them up and then cut them out. For the heart I went on Google and found the heart I liked most, printed it up and cut it out)
Paint markers– (This will be the most expensive part of this project but you can reuse these markers multiple times.)
Acrylic paint– (same color as paint markers)
Paint brush
Spray on clear coat
Double sided tape– (They sell this stuff at my 99 cent store here in Cali.)
Frosted glass spray– (Optional)



1. Remove frame from glass along with cardboard backing (be careful the mirrors get more fragile once this step is done)

2. Frost glass – optional (use frosted glass spray) make sure to clean mirror first (use gloves to avoid fingerprints)

3. Trace the letters onto each mirror (use paint markers)

4. Paint the inside of the letters you just traced (acrylic paint) – Let dry

5. Use glue and “paint” sections of letter then sprinkle with glitter (repeat 2x’s once you have covered every letter once) let dry

6. Clear coat – 2x’s (or to your liking)

7. Apply double sided wall mount tape.

8. Apply mirror to wall and enjoy your creation.

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11 thoughts on “DIY – LOVE wall art”

  1. this is adorable! i now know what i am going to do with the stack of mirrors i happened to have. thank you for sharing.

    • This is adorable! I now know what I am going to do with the stack of mirrors I happened to have. Thank you for sharing.

      @ Willowwend you’re so welcome…I’m glad at least one person is going to use this idea! I get so much joy in knowing that my ideas are being used to make someone happy…spread the joy!!!

    • I love this! it came out so cute! perfect directions, very easy to follow, thank you so much for sharing!

      oh you’re so welcome and i’m glad you like my creation…i get so nervous when i put my work out there to be judged, especially as i’m doing it more and more.

    • Very Cute..Great Idea. Did you also make the lights?

      thank you, i’m glad you like this idea. as for the lights it’s actually candles that sir on top of cube like photo frames.

      What a cute idea. i have a big mirror i’m gonna try this on.

      awesome…i hope you post a picture to my visitor message board so i can see a picture…very excited to see the outcome.

      I can’t wait to try this idea out… cute

      Thank you so much, I look forward to seeing a picture.


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