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Water Bottle Ant Killer Recipe

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Here is one recipe with 2 different methods for ant bait, a liquid version and a dry version. It is essential with BOTH versions that you use powdered sugar.

The reason that this recipe works is that ants do not and cannot chew and swallow solid foods, instead, they ingest the juice which they SQUEEZE from the pieces of food then they then discard the “dry” part that is leftover.

The powdered sugar offers the necessary sweetness to get them to dine and dissolves more easily with the baking soda. Ants also have two stomachs, one for themselves and one that they use to hold food to be shared with other ants back in the nest.


Water Bottle Ant Killer Recipe

You’ll Need:
1 empty water bottle -Cut it down to about 2″ tall, or a shallow dish
5 Tbsp of baking soda
5 Tbsp of powdered sugar
3 Tbsp of water

Take a small amount of powdered sugar and mix it with an equal amount of baking soda, the add the water. The ants will happily and greedily consume the solution.

Powdered sugar is essential. Do NOT Substitute granulated sugar for this or it will NOT work.

For a Dry Mix:

Mix the two powders together and then place small amounts against the walls or other areas where you would not normally walk but where you would normally see the ants.

Image Source: Ant Anatomy

The ants will dine on the sugar mixture as well as bring it back to the rest of the colony, so each gets his fair share.

Since both powders are similar in size and texture the ants are unable to decipher between the two, ingesting them both.

Once the ants eat the baking soda it will react with the formic acid in their stomachs and cause gas. The bodies of ants are unlike humans and they cannot eliminate gas so it will build up inside and eliminate them. Yes folks, that’s correct and ant cannot fart, let the jokes begin. . .

This works on Sugar Ants, but does not work on Fire ants. For a Fire ant remedy click here.

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What have you tried? What natural remedies are working for you?

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