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Pot and pans space saver

As we all know there usually isn’t a lot of cupboard space in an apartment. I have come up with a solution to this that is a good space saver, and maybe even a bit artistic depending on how you do your lay out. The best thing of all you can do this without a drill. Here’s how . . .

Ok here is what you will need:

1. A blank wall space.

2. your pots and pans

3. nails or screws , I used nails because that’s what I had on hand

4. dry wall anchors

5. A hammer.

6. A small Philips screw driver/cross headed. (not sue if “Philips is a regional thing)

Ok so you have all your tools and your ready to go, but what do you do?

Step 1: place your screwdriver against the wall where you want to hang the first pot.

Step 2: tap the screwdriver with the hammer, till you puncture a hole in the drywall, see I told you didn’t need a drill (however the screwdriver should be the same diameter as the drywall anchor)

Step 3: gently tap the dry wall anchor into the hole you just created(you may to expand the hole ever so slightly. I had a couple issues with the anchor bending while tapping. This is easily done by sticking the screwdriver back into the whole and reaming it out a bit.)

Step 4: make sure the anchor is flesh with the wall

Step 5 : gently pound a nail into the anchor, or screw the screw.

Step 6 : leave enough of the nail or screw sticking out so you use the hole on the handle of the pan to hang it. The brim of the pan or pot should rest easily and flus against the wall.

Step 7: repeat these steps for the rest of your pots and pans.

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