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How to Make your Own Powdered Soap in 2 minutes Flat

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Many DIY household recipes call for “Powdered Soap”, which used to be something that you could purchase in a box in the laundry detergent aisle of your favorite grocery store. Those times have passed and nowadays, if you want powdered soap, you must make your own. Here’s a super easy way to make powdered soap in about 2 minutes flat . . .

You’ll Need:

1 Bar of Ivory Soap
A Blender

Open the bar of soap and place it on a paper plate (or regular plate, do not use a paper towel).

Place the ivory soap in the microwave for 75 seconds, no more, no less.

(In my personal experience, You can heat Fels Naptha at full heat UP to 1 minute 40 seconds.)

Remove it from the microwave, be careful, it will be HOT and set it aside for a moment, it will cool to the touch VERY quickly.

Break it into pieces and then shove the bar into a pint size mason jar and attach the blade of your blender directly into the jar.

Of course, this step will vary depending on what type of blender that you have, but we keep a cheapie oster blender for making our own soaps, detergents, lotions, creams, salves and etc.

For complete directions on using a mason jar on your blender, Click Here.

Pulse on and off for a few seconds at a time, it takes only about 20 seconds.


A couple Notes to be aware of, YES, this will make your microwave smell like soap for about 2 hours. You can get rid of the smell immediately by heating half a mug of plain ol’ vinegar. Even better, this is a Perfect time to make the Amazing Scum cleaner recipe!

Do not try this with other brands of Soap as many of them contain Oils that will pop/splatter and REALLY stink up the house. This works fantastic with Ivory and it works well with Fels Naptha for making super fine powdered laundry soap without having to grate it.


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