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DIY Pony Tail Sun Hat

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If you have long hair, you know how frustrating it is to have it wrap around your neck while wearing a hat, or having it get matted down and flattened. Here is an easy way to fix your favorite sun hat to allow for your pony tail . . .
When your hair is long and you wear a hat, it has a tendency to get very hot very quickly, any light breeze can cause your hair to wrap around your neck- which feels like you’re being strangled, or worse yet, it gets completely matted to your head and you find yourself with Hat Head. I was tired of my hair falling into my eyes while working in the garden with my sun hat on, so I decided to alter my hat just a bit to keep my hair out of my face.

You’ll Need:
A hat
a small piece of Cheesecloth
Fabric Glue


First, flip your hat over and determine exactly where you want your pony tail to be…


Next, cut a small square of cheesecloth (about 3 layers thick) and apply a decent fabric glue to it.


Once you place the cheesecloth in the hat, apply a thin layer of fabric glue over the ENTIRE piece of cheesecloth, smoothing it with your finger so that the entire cheesecloth is saturated. This is what will prevent your hat from unraveling once you cut your pony tail hole out.


Using an exacto knife start a small hole, then use scissors to finish cutting out your pony tail hole. The size of the hole is dependent on you, how thick your hair is, how long it is.


Voila, Instant Pony Tail Sun Hat!

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