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Study Notebooks- for Anyone in Any Class

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The idea behind this notebook is getting the most out of what you learned in class that day. This is by no means something that I recommend doing in every class, but rather a class that you consider difficult. Again, this can be used for any age level and personalized in a million different ways. What sets this apart from regular notes is the thought you have to put into

Most notebooks are filled with pages full of notes. Now, how many of us really want to study all that? It’s a headache to just look at it, let alone read through all of it. That’s why you are only given two pages a day to work with in your study notebook. If you need more room, get creative.

Make a folder pocket or tape another page so that it folds out. But only two pages will be used in order to keep your ideas organized and easier to look back on in the long run.

You first page is the left hand side of your notebook. This is reserved strictly for the important things you learned in class. I like label the top Class Time. If it’s math, you can add formulas or even a problem that can serve as a future example.

Your second page is on the right hand side and it is reserved for how you used that information to study that night. I like to label it Study Time. You can put flash cards here or worked out problems, whatever you used. The problem that gave you the most grief that evening is worth writing out after you understand it, and you can write step by step how to solve.

After this is done, feel free to decorate it. You can color or doodle, whatever floats your boat. It’s really important to personalize it because it makes it easier on the eyes to study, and makes the information memorable. I had one for my college algebra course that I’ve since passed down to another student that I nicknamed my mathbook scrapbook and I decorated it with scrapbook paper and gel pens.

It helps to date your pages for easy references when your studying for a final or big test, especially if this notebook isn’t an every class type thing. I would suggest at least using the notebook when difficult ideas are being introduced if nothing else.

I know that an everyday notebook isn’t an option for everyone, especially kids. Just personalize if for you. At the end of the year, all of your study tools are available in one place so you don’t have to stress out. Teachers, this is a great idea for bonus if you have some students struggling with the material!

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