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DIY Rustic Mason Jar Planter or Organizer

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Create your own rustic mason jar planter or organizer from reclaimed wood, a couple of old mason jars, and a few household plants! This adorable planter makes a great gift as well . . .

Rustic Mason Jar Planter

You’ll Need:
1 small section of board- entirely dependent on how many jars you want to have.
1 Steel Hose Clamp (sz 3 1/126- 4″ works great for pint & Quart Size Jars) If you’re creating a small kitchen herb garden & prefer to use jelly jars, use 2 1/16 to 3″ size
A couple of Screws
A Hammer
A screwdriver
Potting soil and a few cheap plants (the ones pictured were dug up from my front yard)

First, get a section of board – the one pictured was actually pulled off an old wooden pallet. I wanted the edges to look a bit jagged, so I took a hammer and literally smashed the ends until they broke off.


This is the hard part, you’ll need to puncture the steel clamp with a screw or nail in order to screw it in place into the board. Here’s how I did mine, take a screw, place it on the steel band, pound with a hammer until you make a hole.


Once you’ve made a hole, screw it into the board where you want your jar to be. Repeat until you have placed all of the bands on the board. Screw the board to the wall/ spot you wish to display the planter.


Next, Put your filled mason jar in place and carefully screw the band closed. Do not overtighten as you may break your jar. The second pair of hands at this point is quite helpful.

That’s it! You now have a beautiful rustic planter using recycled/reclaimed items that you more than likely already had on hand. This entire project cost us $2.12 – by using the steel clamps, the jars can be switched out by simply loosening the clamp.

This would make a wonderful compact kitchen herb garden using small jelly jars, or a super cute planter gift by filling the jars with potting soil and attaching seeds to each jar.

Rustic Mason Jar Planter
Or Get One Here

We’d love to hear your ideas as well, please feel free to share in the comments below . . . .

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