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MYO VitaMix Dome Lid Gasket

We have a Vita-Mix Commercial Maxi-4000. The Dome Lid Gasket broke. We COULD NOT find another gasket from Vita-Mix or any other small appliance repair shop, NOR anyplace on-line.Vita-Mix has stopped making these gaskets or any parts for this machine. You can get them on Ebay for $12 or so for just ONE. Too expensive for us! Our solution is to . . .
1) go to a craft shop (we went to Jo-Anns) and look for a sheet of “foamy sheets” that measures 1/4″ (6mm on the label) thick X 9″ X 12″ (or any other size) but 1/4″ is the correct thickness

2) place the dome lid on the sheet; press down on the lid in order to make an outline of the lid in the foamy sheet

3) cut around the imprints

4) press the cut-out into the lid groove. You can get 3 or 4 gaskets from ONE foamy sheet.

Perhaps this procedure could be used to make gaskets for any food processor/blender.

The cost for the foamy sheet was $1.49

The 6mm (1/4″) thickness fits right into the gasket groove.

We ran our unit on HIGH, with the container FULL of water and DID NOT HAVE ANY LEAKS! Good luck.

Hope this helps a lot of you who have this problem.

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