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Repurposing: Shower Curtain Hooks

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Shower curtain rod hooks are inexpensive and wonderfully versatile in the bathroom as well as the closet. Here are 15+ various uses that you may not have considered before . . .

Repurposing: Shower Curtain Hooks

If you don’t already have a few of these lying around, they can be purchased at dollar stores in packages of 8-12 for only $1. There are several different kinds, S-style hooks, round interlocking like the green ones pictured below, and locking hoops.

They work great to organize various items in the closet including the following:

repurpose shower curtain hook ideas

Tank tops, camisoles, workout shirts, and bathing suit tops have a tendency to clog up the closet unnecessarily, here’s a simple way to organize your tops in one easy spot:

repurpose shower curtain hooks tanks bathing suits

Place them on a coat hanger and use them to organize ties & belts:

shower curtain hook ties belt organizer

and scarves too!

repurpose shower curtain hooks hang scarf

Place them on a coat hanger and use them to organize hats:

shower curtain hook organize hats

For the Ladies, hook the center of your bra’s onto them to hang them in your closet, freeing up space in your dresser, while keeping them from being squished out of shape or from the under-wires from being bent out of shape:

shower curtain hook organize bras

Are you a crafter or scrapbooking fan? Place a small binder clip on a shower curtain hook and then place your various embellishments in plastic zip-close bags (of varying sizes!), this can also be used for make-up, jewelry, hair clips, etc.

repurposing shower curtain hooks scrapbook supplies

Do you love purses? Here’s a fantastic way to organize them!

Purse Image Source

Use them in the utility room or kitchen to hold towels or even fly swatters!
repurpose shower curtain hook hang flyswatter

In the kitchen, make your own Pots and Pans Organizer- simply use a heavy-duty tension rod, slip the hooks onto the bar, and attach your pots and pans.

Source: Pinterest

Also, to prevent stray measuring cups, attach one, easy to remove the cups and wash only one or two instead the entire bunch!
repurpose shower curtain hooks organize kitchen

So to recap.. here are the items that are easily organized with re-purposed shower curtain hooks:

1 Camisoles & spaghetti strap tops
2 Bathing suit tops
3 Tank tops
4 Workout & racer back shirts
5 Belts
6 Ties
7 Bras
8 Scarves
9 Hats
10 Purses
11 Pots & pans
12 Scrapbooking & craft items
13 Jewelry
14 Make-up
15 Fly swatters/hand towels, etc in the utility room
16 Measuring cups
17 Cleaning supplies

We’d love to hear how you re-purpose shower rod hooks too! Share your ideas & photos in the comments below . .


Several of our members have mentioned that they’re concerned that the rings would all slide to one side or the other on the hanger, leaving an uneven “mess”, so to speak.

To prevent this issue entirely, take a hot glue gun or a caulking gun and add small “beads” of glue(or clear silicone caulking) every inch or so on the hanger. This will prevent the items from sliding or shifting.

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