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Keeping card games in good shape isn’t always easy. When the kids are in hurry, it doesn’t take long for cards to get bent whilst being crammed into a drawer, or lost along the way. Here is a very simple, dirt cheap organization trick for keeping card games in top condition . . .
Store them in a clean plastic soap travel box. These are boxes are available at dollar stores (usually 3/$1.) as well as in the health and beauty sections of most big box stores, like Walmart and Target. It will hold 2 decks of cards at once.

If your kids are still small, soap boxes work great for crayons as well.

These soap boxes also make great containers for:

  • Personal Size First Aid Kits (Hiking, Day Trips)
  • Bead holders/Organizers
  • Crayon boxes for younger kids (they’ll hold 16 crayons)
  • Q-Tips While Traveling
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  1. neat idea. the kids always shove our cards into a drawer and they get bent up, or we end up finding half of them in the cupboard because they’ve fallen out the back of the drawer. i picked up a few of these yesterday at the dollar store and have all of our cards put away now.

    it works great up to a double deck (uno!).

    thanks for the tip

    • I also use these for my cell phone when I go to the beach, keeps the sand out.

      I really like this idea.. I’ll have to get one to hold mine, not only for the beach, but for camping as well.

  2. great idea!!! i have so many card games that i use one of those over the door shoe organizers with pockets. you can clearly see what cards are available and keeps them all together.

    • Great idea!!! I have so many card games that i use one of those over the door shoe organizers with pockets. you can clearly see what cards are available and keeps them all together.

      another great idea!

      i don’t have many card games anymore but i can see this being extremely useful, especially to use when camping to keep games together.. another bonus is these are at the $ stores so it’s not an outrageous cost!

  3. duh! why can i never think of these things. i just have a bunch of ripped cardboard boxes with cards coming out :-/

    • I’ve always used zipper style sandwich bags for cards and the snack size to hold game pieces.

      Me too! But my son does not always close the bags up. I think that this is a fabulous idea.

      • Also try plastic pencil boxes (the kind you get for school supplies) for puzzles. my kids never closed the zip loc bags, so i switched to cases.

  4. wow…wonder why i’m just now seeing this….such a simple idea. just got to get myself to think ‘outside’ the box for each box i see! thanks!

  5. i had not thought of using the smaller boxes – i have one big plastic hinge top box (about 10 X 10 inches) to keep all the dice, pencils etc., in so they don’t get lost, but I really like the idea for the cards – we have so many decks around the house and the boxes the come in get torn so quickly

  6. i’ve always just used rubber bands (or hair bands in a pinch) to keep them together before tossing them in a drawer. good idea, they won’t get all dog eared this way! thanks

  7. when i was young, my mother and grandmother always used rubber bands, so when i moved to my own place, i continued this, but i always thought there must be a better way. rubber bands deteriorate and become stuck to the cards. as an adult, i rarely have any reason to use the cards (that’s how i know that rubber bands deteriorate (lol!) however, it’s always nice to be able to pull out a deck of cards when a guest comes to stay for a few days, to give us something different to do.

    i am definitely going to use this idea! thank you for sharing it!

  8. What great ideas. I’m going to pick up some of these boxes and I bet my husband and I will think of all kinds of uses as well as the ones given here.

  9. This is a great idea and I have used it in the past but the new boxes are really hard to find large enough to hold a double deck of Uno, Phase 10, Dos or any of those games. I have been to 4 stores and all of them too small. 😞

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