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MYO Deer Away Spray

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Deer are beautiful – when they’re not enjoying the fruits of your labor by eating your entire garden after months of work! Here is a MYO Deer away spray deer repellent recipe submitted to our site several years ago that we swear by!

If the deer are eating ornamental foliage, such as Hostas consider stringing some clear fish line about knee high around the exterior of the landscaping. This will cause the deer to bump up against the fish line as the go to eat, scaring them and they’ll run off, not knowing what’s touching them.


Deer Away Spray Recipe

You’ll Need:
6 raw eggs, beaten 4-6
hot peppers (Cayenne or Habanero)
6-12 cloves of garlic, depending on how strong they are
5 cups of warm water

Combine all ingredients in a blender and puree it, then carefully funnel into a clean (recycled) milk jug. Put a cover/cap on the jug and allow it set OUTSIDE for a couple of days in the sun, away from children and pets.

Shake well before use. Pour or spray around the perimeter of plants, about 5 feet from the edge of garden or flower beds, to deter deer.

Do NOT spray this mixture directly on your garden or plants, it is a PERIMETER Spray Only and will need to be reapplied after heavy rain.

This is meant to create a perimeter to deter deer, NOT as a pesticide for bugs.

MYO Deer Away Spray-

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