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Make Your Own Wasp Spray & Traps

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busy beeWhile the warm weather is welcome this time of year, the wasps that come with it, are not.

Make your Own Wasp & Yellow-jacket Trap.

  • Simply cut the top of a 2 liter bottle just above the label.
  • Invert the top and staple to the bottle (creating a funnel shape).
  • Add approximately 2 inches of soda, or sweetened water.
  • Place your traps in a wide circle (about 40-50 away from the area that you’d like to be “wasp Free”.
  • To make them instantly “attractive” to other wasps, kill a few wasps with a flyswatter & drop the bodies in the top of your trap. Wasps release a chemical drawing others.

    These homemade traps work wonderfully around picnic areas & decks.

    To Make your Own Wasp Sprays:

    • Spray with Liquid detergent (Dawn) diluted in water- this works the best!
    • Spray with Cheap Hairspray such as Aquanet
    • Another Super easy, effective Spray Recipe- combine the following in a med. spray bottle: 1 T. Peppermint extract, 1 T. Baby Shampoo (unscented if possible) fill with warm water – this works wonderfully.


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