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Autumn Candle Lights

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Here is wonderfully simple Autumn decoration that can be put together in less than 10 minutes. It makes a lovely centerpiece as well.
This craft is a Dollar Store Special- which means folks, that all of the items needed to create it can be found at the dollar store.

You’ll Need:

2 Glass Vases $1. each
2 tall glass Candles $1. each
Fabric leaves- $1 pkg (uses less than 1/4 of the pkg)

We found these pretty (soon to be candleholders!) in with the vases at our local dollar store. They were $1 each.


As luck would have it, they also had a huge number of tall glass candles (often known as Prayer Candles) as well.


Since we have kids, pets, etc, I decided that I’d prefer the candle didn’t slide around in the Vase. I covered the bottom rim with hot glue and then place it into the vase.


Next, the kids added pretty fall leaves. Unfortunately, with the weather in the high 90’s every day, I wasn’t able to take advantage of natures color. Here we used a few fabric leaves.


Simply drop the leaves randomly between the candle and the glass.


Not too shabby for less than $5 in under 10 minutes.


I’ve already found some gorgeous holly leaves and berries to transform these in time for Christmas!

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9 thoughts on “Autumn Candle Lights”

  1. I had tried to upload some photos that I had taken on my android phone but it keeps telling me there is an error…… any suggesstions??

    Thanks bunches!!


  2. i have trouble seeing the interesting things you post because of the ads covering the print. i am logged in and have gone on the adchoices to remove with no luck. any suggestions?


  3. perfect timing for thanksgiving!!!! those prayer candles aren’t usually scented, perhaps a couple of drops of essential oil will top it off!

  4. i use the 2 vases by putting fresh flowers or greenery, depending on the holiday, into the small vase, and fill the outer vase with candy that is coordinating with the holiday , it’s cute, cheap and the kids can eat the candy after the holiday is over, tip, stuff a paper towel in the top of the small one so you can fill around it with the candy, take out the paper and pop in your arrangement


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