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De-cluttering Tips for Childrens Room

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Children can easily get overwhelmed by the mess in their rooms. Clutter can effect your child’s state of mind & prevent them from settling down.

  • Consider Printing up Colorful Labels with words or pictures for Toy Drawers
  • Clean out the space under your child’s bed
  • Rubbermaid Bins on Wheels or with Drawers work wonders for organizing children’s toys
  • Sometimes children have a difficult time remembering where their belongings go: to remedy this, take several photographs of the room and print them on a piece of paper. Hang it on the back of their door. When they need a reminder of where an item belongs, they can look at the photo.
  • Have Limited space? Install a Pegboard on 1 wall. Children love to hang things up, arranging stuffed animals, hats, clothing, treasures, etc. The cost is very low, under $15.
  • Do you have Toys that end up in the middle of your front lawn? A rubbermaid tub with several holes drilled in the bottom works wonders for keeping kids toys off the lawn and in 1 place
  • Re-Organize the Bookshelf
  • Label a Box “Donations” and ask your children to sort through their toys & give up those that they don’t play with very often.
  • If you can’t stand the thought of giving away those expensive toys, box up half of them and put them in the garage or attic for 30 days. Then, rotate your children’s toys. They will be more inclined to play with the toys that they don’t have access to every day. They’ll also be less inclined to ask for new toys.

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4 thoughts on “De-cluttering Tips for Childrens Room”

  1. i just bought 2 big black trunks and plan to pack away all of my grandsons toys he has outgrown, keeping them safe for when he someday has a son. Now his room is much easier for him to manage. The trunks are on the top shelf of the closet, out of sight, out of mind!

  2. shelves and storage cubes. these have worked wonders for our play area. we have a 9-square shelf that we put the cubes in.

    and a bookshelf for the bigger items that don’t fit in the cubes. The 9-square shelf at walmart is by the bookshelves and only $27. The bookshelves are only $17 something for the 3-shelf ones.

    Easier for them to clean too!

  3. keeping them to keep it neat .. inspite of this …. how do you motivate them?

    my 11 year son drives me crazy! Love him! But crazy!

  4. thanks! got the kid’s rooms clean…. now i gotta think of a way to do mine lol my room is a office as well so this should be fun grrrrr


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