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Tips to Remove Clutter from your Kitchen

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Frustrated by a cluttered kitchen? Getting rid of clutter can seem like an overwhelming task, but here are a number of surefire tips to get your clutter cleared and get you back on track with minimal effort!tips-to-remove-clutter-from-your-kitchen

Tips to Remove Clutter from your Kitchen

  • Have things growing in your fridge? Toss’em.
  • Clean Fingerprints off Fridge & Walls
  • Clean out your Microwave & wash it
  • Wash the Windows
  • Scrub down the stove
  • Wash the front of the cupboards
  • Dust Windowsills & Knick-Knacks
  • Clean out any Canisters
  • Can’t Get the Grease off? Sprinkle with Baking soda, dip your wash rag in warm water & wring out. Lightly scrub the baking soda, the grease will come right off with ease.
  • De-clutter 1 cupboard or shelf at a time. Don’t be distracted when you go to put something in its correct place. Tearing apart 2 or 3 cupboards at a time can be very frustrating!

If you haven’t used it in the last year, throw it out!

If you’re really stuck and absolutely don’t think you can handle de-cluttering without losing your sanity, try this last effort method: Pack away everything in the kitchen as though you were moving & place it in the garage in labeled boxes.Each time you need something, such as your plates for eating, or utensils, unpack them, use them & then put them in their nice & neat place in the cupboard.After 30 days, if you still have items in the boxes & you haven’t used them, it’s time to consider donating them or holding a yard sale.

What are your favorite tips for reducing kitchen clutter?

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39 thoughts on “Tips to Remove Clutter from your Kitchen”

  1. i love the idea of packing everything away and then bringing what you need back into the house. i have a house of seven and this seems great.

    • love the idea of packing everything up and then taking out as you need them….
      but where to store the boxes?? 🙂

      Ditto..this sounds like a great idea, but my house is small and just about every nook and cranny is spoken for. Then there’s…Now…hmmm, where did I put that box?Grrrrr

  2. Reduce drawer clutter by using a silverware organizer, plastic containers, or small boxes so everything has it’s own spot.

    I decided to clean out under my kitchen sink. That took 5 minutes! Then I noticed some crud where my wood floors meet the cabinets.

    As I’m scraping that up I get a good look under the fridge, which gets me thinking about the stove. 4 hours later…

  3. thanks for the tip on scrubbing grease off with baking soda and a wet cloth. i am always trying to avoid harsh chemicals. for decluttering i have been following “the flaylady” plan.

    her website is free and a perfect compliment to this one.

  4. i just saw this on and thought of this article. paint a peg board and hang your pots, pans, and lids on it. no more digging around in the cupboards.

    might be cool to turn the peg board into a work of art.

  5. i must try the baking soda on grease. i use an old potato flakes can for my “frying” grease, and it really gets sticky. i will try the soda.

    i use a flat lazy susan in the corner of my cabinet to make the items that had been out of reach easier to get out.

  6. love the baking soda idea. we have bad allergies and i am always on the look out for the least offensive way to clean something.

    @herblady love the peg board idea 🙂

  7. thanks for the tips….i’m needing to take everything out of my kitchen cabinets and re-organize all my dishes,casserole dishes, baking items, etc…..:smile1:

  8. this is the most difficult area for me since several people are in and out of there. husband often uses my counter space for laying things down before putting them in their proper place, and then forgets to move them.

  9. i swear i believe having a breakfast bar was the dumbest idea i ever had. i can’t remember the last time “breakfast” was actually eaten there but it makes a first rate catch-all. if something makes it through the back do it will stop at the breakfast bar.

    • I swear I believe having a breakfast bar was the dumbest idea I ever had. I can’t remember the last time “breakfast” was actually eaten there but it makes a first rate catch-all. If something makes it through the back do it will stop at the breakfast bar.

      i feel your pain. my bar is also most of my kitchen counter space and it gets to the point where all of a sudden i have about of foot of workspace. i sometimes feel like getting a broom handle and clearing it all off at once.

      it is an ongoing everyday battle to keep this area clear to actually work on.

  10. with the moving boxes idea, where do you put the boxes during the 30 days? My kitchen is pretty small, so it might just be a better idea for me to just go through 1 cupboard at a time and try to think what I haven’t used in the last 30 days.

  11. well i guess i had better start packing, but i’ll leave the baking soda out to clean the grease. lol thanks for the great information.

  12. i thought about doing something similar. i plan to do it with my what i call my “tools” drawer. there are items in there i haven’t used for probably years!

  13. i have a motto, use it or lose it. i packed up some things and waited to see if i missed them at all. nope, so hopefully someone else can make use of them.

    i like to donate homeless shelter because there is no selling to make money.

  14. i like the idea of putting everything in a container , but i think that will drive my husband and son crazy so i might start with on cabinet at a time .

  15. I’m re doing my kitchen new start. I did the baking soda idea on my kitchen cabinets before repainting. Worked great.

    and the new paint looks good to. Now to the stove, one area a day works good to I get to finish before something else comes up . Thanks for the tips

  16. Previously I became overwhelmed and gave up prematurely organizing my kitchen cupboards but with the timer, I get some done each day and have used this method to declutter every room in my house!

  17. I think 30 days is not long enough before throwing things away. Sometimes I make my own cheese or get baking crazes and this does not always happen within the same month.

  18. Do you have any ideas for spice racks? I have a huge spice rack attached to the wall storing hubbys spices (he is the cook in this house) along with the cupboards over the stove filled with spices and the cupboard next to the stove. We finally bought a magnetic knife rack to attach to the cupboard above the stove for all his “special” knives and get the old falling apart knife block off the island.

    We have an overload of spices that he uses that are everywhere. Any idea on what we can make to put in the cupboards that can elevate the spices so we can see them all and make the insides look better?

  19. My cooking utensils are in crocks by the stove for easy access. I use air tight jars for pastas beans rice( sugar flour (things that come in bags). Set them on a shelves.

    Pot hanger for pots. Cast iron on nails decorating one wall. I made a book shelf to put spices on at the end of my counter, now I can see them without digging everything out.

    Hooks on wall by stove for for pot holders .i got 2 small pantries, one for dry goods and small appliances one for can goods. I have a wicker laundry hamper for plastic containers.


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