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Clearing your Clutter

How Clutter Affects your Life… You may have noticed that when your house is a mess you have a hard time concentrating on things, feeling comfortable at home. You may have noticed that you are unable to complete anything else without distraction.

Why does this happen? Everything has natural energy. When your home or office is cluttered, it impacts your life. It clutters your natural energy field, it affects your family, your work performance, and ultimately, your health.


The Effects of Clutter

How do you know if your clutter is negatively impacting your life?

When a car pulls into the driveway, do you suddenly whip into a flurry of action, grabbing anything in sight, stuffing it in a bedroom, and then closing the door, or perhaps cramming it into a closet? Has a visitor ever asked you if you just moved in?


Having constant clutter in your life creates stagnant energy, dragging your energy levels down and preventing good things from coming in. In addition to all of those things- it depletes your wealth!

Have you ever had to run to the store to purchase an item you thought you “had somewhere” but were unable to find it? Only to discover it hidden under or behind other items a week or two later?

Or perhaps you keep an item around just because it “might come in handy” or you “might need it sometime”. . .

How to Handle Clutter: 8 Questions to Ask Yourself

So now that we’ve assessed what clutter can do, you’re probably asking, how do I get rid of it?! To assess whether or not to keep an item or let it go, ask yourself the following questions . . .

Is this item something that I use regularly?

If not, is it something that I really love, something that brings me joy?

Am I saving it “just in case”? Just in case I might sometime need it, or someone else might somewhere, somehow need it?

Am I keeping this item out of obligation, expectation, or guilt? As in.. someone special gave it to me and I feel like I should keep it.

Do I have more than one of this item

Could something else that I own do the same job as this item does?

Is this item worth the storage space?

Is this item broken and I intend to have it fixed? You know, someday, when I have time and the money to do so.


Clearing your Clutter: Step by Step

  1. Start your de-cluttering in the room you spend the most time in. Why? If your favorite room is the kitchen and you spend most of your time there, you will immediately see and feel a difference in your life. This will help keep you motivated to follow up with other rooms.
  2. Choose 1 new room per day. Don’t try to do it all at once. Chances are, it took you weeks, months, or even years to accumulate this much clutter.
  3. Start small, gather up items that are easily thrown out. (Excess papers, obvious junk items)
  4. Arm Yourself! You’ll need to grab some trash bags & boxes. If you can’t bear to throw things away, label a box “Donate”. Once your Donation box is full, seal it up and put it in your car.

    Either drop it off at a donation center or a rubbish bin, but don’t put it in the house/garage/shed/pole barn or any other storage spot in your home!
    Better yet, have a yard sale, garage sale, or lawn sale and regain some of the financial loss that you’ve accrued by holding onto your clutter. Sell individual items on local Facebook swap/sell groups or services such as Craigslist.
  5. Clean for no more than an hour at a time. Yes, you should set a timer. Why?
    It’s easy to get overwhelmed and want to quit after a few minutes. It’s also just as easy to clean all day long and then give up de-cluttering the rest of the house.
  6. Look around- all this clutter used to be money
    In no time at all, your home will be de-cluttered & good things will start to happen!

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