Fast Way To Shuck Corn

fast way to shuck corn
Fast Way To Shuck Corn

If you’re trying to find a way to shuck corn quickly and without a mess, you’ll Love this simple tip . . .

Last summer when I was cleaning corn, I found if I cut both top and bottom off then shucked it, I saved so much time! Wanted to share it with everyone. And, if you make tamales, the husks are perfect for them.
Place the full unshucked ear of corn on a cutting board.

Cut both of the ends off, then unroll the husk.

It comes off instantly with no issues!

This tip is great if you’re canning or freezing large amounts of corn or if you’re cooking for a crowd such as a family reunion or neighborhood party.

Once you’ve shucked your corn, don’t toss out the husks, there are several ways you can repurpose them:


How do YOU shuck corn quickly?


  1. i saw this before and my sister said it works great and less time consuming when your getting ready for a big crowd of people! thanks for posting!!

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